Hi, I’m Kim Nowlin,

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practioner,

and avid change maker.

My life changed paths somewhere in the middle of raising two boys. I was on my way to becoming a high school teacher, but door after door closed on me. It wasn’t the path I was meant to take.

Around the same time, our family trudged through some really heavy times in the blood sugar trenches. Constant food management, therapy, major (no, really MAJOR) meltdowns were our norm. We went through the wringer, (which is the absolute nicest way I can describe that time) and there was almost no information out there to help. I never want anyone to struggle the way we did.

Those were the years when I battled some of my own health junk, too. I hit the point of no return after celebrating my birthday with a few of the free drinks casinos give when you’re gambling. I woke up around 3 am, choking on stomach acid and bile. It took me an hour of shallow breaths and almost no swallowing to feel like I could relax.  The worst part was that this wasn’t the first time this had happened…or the fifth. 

I knew our family needed some type of health intervention. 

Our other son grew increasingly anxious and experienced constant stomach aches and ear infections. Piling on to it all, was stress severe enough to bring my husband to the hospital for an overnight stay.

 The last straw was watching my Grandma being taken over by Cancer and having the doctors tell her not to have any fruits or vegetables because of the interaction with chemo. DONE. I was done. I chose change. I set out to learn everything I could about the power of food. I would change myself first, then bring my family along with me.

I had been blogging off and on about food since 2011 and already subscribed to the idea that food can change everything. 

So here I am, a handful of years later. Our family is now a much healthier and off of all the anxiety, heartburn and hormonal medication we were burdened with. I took a deep dive into wellness and learned more than I ever imagined I would, at the Nutritional Therapy Association.

Now that I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I’ve got a ton of  tools in my belt. The NTA taught me life-changing assessment tools like Lingual-Neuro Testing and the Functional Exam. I am currently doing some advanced training and studying gastrointestinal healing with Restorative Wellness Solutions and will soon be able to order and interpret GI-Map tests, as well as MRT food sensitivity testing. When I say I can help you get to the bottom of your health issue, I mean it.   

Even a change of one habit can make a dramatic difference in your well-being! I so look forward to helping you help the ones you love (yeah, that includes yourself!)