Almond Coconut Dip

**Disclaimer** The photo shown is actually Almond Coconut Dip. Almond Joy dip will have to happen when I am disciplined enough to keep some chocolate in the house, but not this month!

This is the high holy season for carbs and those of us who can’t eat just one sugar cookie, know what kind of trouble lies ahead. All the good intentions in the world do not seem to be enough to prevent the flour and sugar fairies from ruling our December days. Year after year I seem to forget that I am my own biggest calorie culprit. While the parties and gatherings are part of the problem, the most damage seems to take place while we are baking in our very own kitchens!

Sure, we tell ourselves that we are baking for others. Of course we aren’t going to eat any of the raw dough, that stuff could have Salmonella. No way are we going to try out some of the finished product. Well, ok…maybe just a bite and we can give the rest of the cookie to someone else in the house. Does this ever and I mean ever  actually happen?

During my cookie/brownie/nut bread/cake/gingerbread baking sessions, I not only taste the finished product (repeatedly), I am snacking each step of the way. Once you’ve downed three cookies, it is really no different from four, right? Not a pretty picture.

I quickly blended up a dip I found on Maria Emmerich’s Facebook Page. Three ingredients in three minutes. This dip can be taken from almond coconut to Almond Joy with some chocolate shavings or syrup. It’s pretty darn tasty without too!

Almond Coconut Dip

1 cup creamy Almond Butter (Fresh & Easy has this for $4.99 and there is one ingredient…almonds!)

1 can Coconut Milk (I used Light Coconut Milk, because it was all the Trader Joe’s had)

1/2 cup Protein Powder

Blend until smooth and refrigerate. You’ll need a pretty good sized container to hold the dip.

*Experiment with different foods to pair with this dip. Bananas seem to by Dallas’ favorite, but I prefer apple slices.

Put a plate full of healthy dipping options with this creamy dip on your counter while you bake. It would be helpful to keep a large glass of ice water or iced tea next to the plate to keep you feeling healthy and full. Why is it that ice water is not iced water and iced tea is not ice tea? Or are they?

Happy baking my friends. Hope to see you tomorrow for the Movies & Munchies segment of the week. We are suggesting you watch (and drink to) The Polar Express! See you then!

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