Avocado – Turkey – Apple

I’ll start by mentioning that the e-mealz worked well for night one. Especially the whipped cream with fruit, the real stuff blows cans and Cool Whip out of the water.

Today’s food is an avocado, turkey and apple sandwich. While I guess you could eat this for lunch, this is one of my favorite breakfast meals. I’m not huge on eggs in the morning (if you hear me ask for eggs and ham, watch out…it means I’m pregnant.) The constant struggle for a protein filled breakfasts sans eggs is a big one! Most of the time, peanut butter is my morning protein of choice, because it is fast!

When I have an extra minute, and an avocado on hand, I will make this tasty treat! This sandwich is best on toasted bread (whole wheat) and with a few sprinkles of salt added to the smashed up avocado. I love my handy little mandolin for slicing my apples nice and thin. They are pretty cheap, grab one for your kitchen if you don’t already own  one!

I’m not sure what else to tell you about this sandwich, I’m thinking you can probably figure out how to make it if you can read the title. So, I’ll talk about something else now.

avocado turkey apple

I stayed up past midnight watching a stupid Lifetime movie last night. They always drag me in. The worst part is they always leave you pretty unsatisfied, you know exactly what is going to happen. What is their power over women? I love/hate that station! Do you watch Dowtown Abby? I’d love to start that show. I’m really only hooked on Once Upon a Time, a silly show on CMT called Sweet Home Alabama and the awful Desperate Housewives. I need some good quality cable shows! What do you suggest?

Did you know?

Hey, did you know that rump roast isn’t really a pig’s rump? It’s the shoulder! I just learned that today.

Did you know that Garnier’s dandruff shampoo will clean a dirty bathtub just as well as Head & Shoulders? (And way better than Comet).

Did you know that every seven years you are scheduled to have a “transitional” year? 7,14,21,28,35,42,49…(Don’t ask me who scheduled that).

That’s all I’ve got. You probably know anything else I could throw at you. You are smart, I can tell. Hope you make it back tomorrow for another road friendly food topic. Happy Tuesday!

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