gluten free strawberry muffins

Coconut Flour Strawberry Muffins

I decided to attempt another coconut flour recipe today. The last attempt taught me that coconut flour is a great ingredient to add when baking paper weights. The key to baking with this grain-free flour is to add liquid, a lot of liquid.

I started off with my go-to muffin recipe from Mark Bittman in his encyclopdia, How to Cook Everything. Then, I swapped out a cup of white flour for coconut flour and doubled the milk. I also baked at 400 instead of 375, not for any other reason than reading the recipe wrong!

After gently mixing the wet into the dry, I sprinkled in strawberries (about a cup full). Any berries would work well in this recipe.

Coconut flour gives baked goods a springy texture. Your batter will be thick and biscuit like. Be sure not to mix until you have a smooth, cake type batter. That won’t fly with these muffins.

I don’t often time my baked goods, I just grab them when the house starts to smell like whatever I am making. It’s not the best science, but it usually doesn’t fail. If you are worried, I’d say to stick with 375 for 40 minutes or 400 for 25-30.

Coconut flour will also make your muffins look like they aren’t quite done. Just do the old toothpick trick and check for yourself, they will be baked through! You can also check the muffin bottoms to look for a golden color. As soon as mine came out, I spread a thin layer of butter over the tops and sprinkled with some raw sugar. Raw sugar just has a great texture to it that you don’t get with white.

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