Hoping to Spread Cheer

I didn’t think I was that  busy this season, but color me wrong. Remember the white chicken enchiladas I plan to make today? Those turned into enchilada and burrito plates from a local Mexican restaurant. I really wanted to make the dinner from scratch and then blog about it, but all the Christmas errands and a pesky dose of Bronchitis for my  husband got in the way. So, I apologize if you were hoping to read about Pioneer Woman’s dish.

Dallas, Max and I all grabbed the to-go plates and a wrapped up football to deliver to Josh So and his boys. I had not met Josh until tonight, but I am in the same Mother’s club as his cousins, sister. Follow that? His wife was in the club too. In an unexpected and devastating turn of events, Josh’s wife Anna died while giving birth to their second son, Jake. It happened right before Thanksgiving, forcing Josh to bring a newborn and three year old home to a new life, without their mother. The family member in the club had asked for a hand in meal and diaper deliveries. I feel awful for him. Jake is back in the hospital with some health issues. If you pray, please…pray for this family. If you want to know more about Josh or how you can help him, read this article from The Patch. (Photo – The Patch)

Cherish your family and loved ones, you can never know how long you will have them in arm’s reach.

While I wish I could sit and chat more about all the food I plan to work on tonight, I have to get my booty up and make it! Merry Christmas Eve – Eve everyone!

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