I’m 35.

No, it’s not my birthday. It’s just really sinking in that I am 35. My eyes aren’t super sharp and I finally can find some crow’s feet if I study my smiling face in the mirror. I am not quite twice my 18 year old self and definitely not going to accept that I am half way to 70.

A fellow mom and I were chatting this morning about Kindergarten drop off. She feels like she’s the oldest mom there and I told her that I didn’t share that feeling. Where I live, many homes function by having both parents work full-time while one set of grandparents live in their homes and take care of the little ones. Thanks to all the grand-folk at drop-off, I feel pretty young. I may not be in a mini-skirt, but I don’t shuffle when I walk. The rest of the moms are around the same age as me, unless I’m just in serious denial.

I am finally however, coming to the realization that need to spend more than $6.99 at CVS for a skin-care routine.

By the way,  you noticed my blog has become less and less about food?

You can blame it on 35. Our good friend Sharron once told Jy and me that every seventh year is considered a transitional year. I’ve mentioned that before, I know. Things are really changing however and Jy always remembers to remind me of our transitional year! I won’t bore you with all the details, but my life is slowly shifting.

So yeah, I’m gonna be talking less about food. Probably not less about coffee though.

Explanation? Click.

What will be on my mind that I’ll probably be sharing?


I might be talking about a particular HBO series I may or may not be in love with. It may or may not rhyme with Game of Phones.

I might be talking about papercrafting projects and all things Close to My Heart.

I might be talking about my friend Pete and his fun app that’s about to come out.

I might be talking politics. Just kidding, I’ll be talking about the Today show.

I won’t be talking about Calliou. I totally hate Calliou.

I’ll be talking more about family. I want to learn how to somehow merge my old family blog with this one. Anyone know?

Here’s what is really goin’ on…

Have you ever thought about something you’ve wanted to do, only to be constantly greeted by opportunities, inspiration and plenty of not so coincidental reminders?

I have something in the works that I can’t seem to shake. I’ve been reminded of it over and over each time I walk by myself, take a shower or really do anything where there aren’t small voices at my leg asking for apple juice.

I’ve been bombarded lately with lots of funny little run-ins that remind me where my heart belongs and what I should be doing.

Ready for it?

I’m training to become a tattoo artist.

Just kidding.

I’m writing a book. It is already started, it consumes my thoughts and I don’t want to talk about it. I want to bury my head in the sand (unless there are those nasty sand-flies) and just pretend it’s not happening.

But, it is.

It’s about faith and it’s funny. Ugh. Faith. Dont. Want. To. Write. It.

Then again, I can’t not write it.

That’s all I want to say about it for now. No more talking.

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