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Melted Cheesy Family Dinners`

Here’s how I feel now that I’m teaching preschool.


Max is with me at school, in my class, Monday through sweet, holy Friday. He made it almost  past the welcome mat this afternoon and passed out.


I love Thursdays and Fridays at school because we have cooking time! Two weeks ago the kids went bananas over apple pie smoothies, topped with whipped cream and graham cracker crumbs. I could probably top ground beef with whipped cream and the kids would be happy. So, go figure, my family wanted to eat dinner this week. Again!!! I’ve been determined to cook too. Apparently, I’ve needed some comfort food this week though, as three dinners involved melted cheese. Four if you count the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese I served the kids one night, while Jy and I ate salad. They were all recipes that are good enough to share! Isn’t almost anything with melted cheese on top? It’s kind of like whipped cream for adults, right? Dinner number one, Beef Stroganoff French Bread. My husband introduced me to one of his favorite meals from childhood and I took the liberty of pimping it out a bit.

strog [edamam-recipe-recipe:3]

Dinner number two, Spaghetti Squash Alfredo, a winning Pinterest find! I followed the instructions exactly as given by the blog, The Comfort of Cooking, so I have to send you over that way if you’d like to try it too. I have to say it was awesome. Worked well to top with chicken for lunch the next day!


Dinner number three was so, so, so good. Sausage and tortellini soup. I swapped bouillon cubes for stock and evaporated milk for regular milk, otherwise the rest stayed the same. I came across the recipe from Party In My Kitchen on Pinterest and it was another serious winner! The biggest problem with this dinner was the price. Three packages of tortellini and two pounds of sausage was close to $18 on its own, before the other staple type ingredients.


So those were the hits of the week! They are so worth trying! If you can (which, you probably can), always opt for organic dairy products from grass-fed cows. There is a difference in taste, I seriously believe it!

AAAAAND. Just in case I ever need to tease Dallas during his teenage rebellious years, I thought I’d put this in writing. He woke me up asking, “Where is that sweet lady of my dreams?” The same morning he told me to, “Tell him something romantic.” How funny is that!?


Then, there is Max, who is a whole different issue. I had to have a little chat with him after he announced, “Mom, I just love boobies soooo much.”

Happy Weekend, Kim

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