New Year’s Eve – Kid Style

Tomorrow will end 2011, the year that Time Magazine awarded “The Protester” as Person of the Year. I think that if it was up to Jy, I would share that title as there has been much ousted from our pantry over the past 12 months, due to my fake food protests. When I told Jy that I would be making our next batch of laundry detergent out of my stock of soapnuts, he sorta-gently reminded me that not everything needs to be made from scratch.

Our family deals too, with the occupy movement. Dallas and Max seem to occupy all of our space, all of our plans and all of our energy. As we try our best to keep up with the 1% on a 99% budget, our family is constantly reminded that a focus on what is really important, is the best way to feel 100%. Curious about our New Year’s Eve plans, Dallas can fill you in. This is usually what it sounds like around here by the way, lots of crazy voices…


So now you know about our rockin’ eve. Dick Clark (or, is it Ryan Seacrest) has got nothin’ on this family! So, bust out the milk and cookies, get some blankets and pillows and let’s party together (until 8 p.m. or so.)

Is anyone else a little sad they didn’t support Blockbuster a little more? If you don’t time your Netflix right, you are stuck in the dreaded in-between day of the movie world! There are some pretty funny movies out there that are meant for kids and aren’t too painful to watch as adults. Despicable Me, Ratatouille and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs are my current favorites. So are a few VeggieTales. What will be on your little screen tomorrow evening?

We did a popcorn practice run this afternoon and tried out a packet of Popcorn Drizzle that Santa had left in my stocking.

The back of the box instructs the powdered chocolate (we tried the chocolate cherry today) be mixed in with melted butter and corn syrup. As we try to avoid all high fructose corn syrup (an ingredient in corn syrup) I changed up the recipe.

If you ever find a recipe which calls for light corn syrup, you can substitute in 1 cup sugar and 1/4 cup water. Works perfectly.

Too our drizzle, Dallas decided we would need to add some mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips. I threw in the seriously delicious roasted almonds my Aunt Cindy sent home with me for Christmas. What we ended up with was popcorn so gooey, it needed to be eaten with a fork.

While fun for a blog, this was not the most ideal recipe for a night of NYE movie watching. I’m glad we gave it the practice run! I would stick to the slightly less messy options of mini M&M’s mixed with popcorn for a sweet and salty flavor. For those who like a little more crunch, mixing in a handful of roasted nuts with a sprinkle of sugar over everything is a great, grown up movie treat.

We have movies on the mind right now. I have seen more movies this week than I think I have seen all year! Last night I watched A Day in the Life with Jy. That is next week’s Movies & Munchies flick and it is so good! I don’t want to spoil anything, but if you liked (or even saw) the movie, Baraka, you’ll dig this flick too. Tonight is the penultimate Harry Potter, one left for next week!

How do you like your popcorn? What kind of munchies do you bring to the sofa for movie night? Happy New Year’s Eve, Eve!

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