Packing Lunches

Ah, lunch ladies.

Whether you have a little one to send off to preschool, a medium one to send off to middle school or maybe a jumbo one to send off to work, chances are they are gonna need lunch. This year, Dallas changes from two to three days a week of preschool and I am looking forward to a little more freedom time to do chores. Ahem.

I thought I was really on to something last year, when I heated up some frozen mini-burgers in the morning for Dallas’ lunch and sent him on his way. The second time I did this, he came home with food poisoning. The lady who parked next to me at Trader Joe’s was not happy when she got back to her car and there was mini-burger all over the pavement next to her.

Proof of bad lunch packing.

I plan to be more on the ball this year! Seriously, I do! If anyone can find the ball, let me know. I just never seem to be on it, always behind it. Insert joke here.

Ok, enough chatting, let’s round up some of the best lunch packin’ sites around. Yeehaw! 
This Lunch Rox is hands down, one of my favorite. With a healthy mindset, this mom creates some seriously entertaining lunches for her kids. Her themes range from geography to skateboarding!
Another Lunch hasn’t updated her website all summer, but I don’t hesitate to add it to our list. You can browse old blog posts and really learn some great tips. While some of the lunches on this site are not as healthy as those found on or, it is still a great springboard for ideas. Give it a look! is a really cute site with some great tutorials, like this one for Raspberry Raisin Carrot Slaw. Be sure to check out her Bento Box Gallery!
You can always trust the Muffin Tin Mom to have some inspiring ingredients in her bakeware! Muffin tins are a great way to deliver snacks to a curious toddler in the morning or a starving twelve year old after school.
The Lunch Box blog may be of interest to those of you wanting to see change in the public school lunch system. Want to learn how to implement a salad bar at your child’s cafeteria, well here ya go!
What’s For Lunch Honey is pretty to look at. I’ll never have time to make anything on this gorgeous blog. It’s nice to dream about what my food may look like once my kids leave me alone for more than 30 seconds at a time.
In other news. What I mean to say is, in other REALLY good news, I’ve finished the laundry.
Remind you of anything?
The Heap lives down at Fraggle Rock.

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