PBJ Makeover

We’ve had our fun today! Dallas was able to do a little toy testing for Leap Frog and tonight he raced his derby car in a local, kid-sized Grand Prix. I wanted to blog plenty of times today, but it just wasn’t gonna happen. To prevent anyone else from the yuckiness I experienced today, I am going to pass on some helpful hints for parents.

1. Keep rubber gloves and bleach on hand at home. Don’t run out. Even if you don’t think you have the type of child that would poop in his own bath, you are probably wrong.

2. Don’t sneak flaxseed into your toddler’s oatmeal. His mouth may not protest, but his diaper will.

The photo you are looking at above is a peanut butter sandwich, made with natural pb (peanut butter and salt), with thinly sliced strawberries (using a mandolin) and a little bit of cinnamon for added flavor and antioxidant power.

I told Dallas he would be getting some extra special jelly today. I explained how I was going to take all the yucky stuff out of strawberry jelly and he went along with it. This opens a new door for us. The mandolin was the best ten dollar investment I ever made. Well, it probably wasn’t, but for the purposes of this post it was. Think summer peaches, apricots or even plums. Pair those up with a nut butter and drizzle with either honey or agave nectar, and you’ve got yourself a madeover PB&J!

We are busy once again tomorrow morning, so look for a post coming tomorrow afternoon (California time). Have to run off and go do a little more celebrating with my little four year old who could not be more proud of his second place metdal!

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