Carrot DIp

Road Trip Series: Carrot Spread

The rain has finally made it to town and boy, do we need it! There was a general sense of tiredness in the air yesterday, as we are still adjusting to the time change and I am still adjusting to a life not laden with bread and sugar.

Dallas has been asking me why he is such a chatterbox and I have to tell him that he just takes after his mommy. I am gentle enough to leave out the end of the sentence which is, “After she’s had her coffee.”

Dallas never made it to Awanas last night, he was just too cranky, so I toted him along with me to the library. He picked up a copy of his new favorite movie, Mary Poppins. How cute is that? I found the book, The Toddler Bistro: Child-Approved Recipes and Expert Nutrition Advice for the Toddler Years. I have realized lately that although I make my children vegetables for dinner every night, they aren’t eating them. Oops. Plan B.

As we continue to get geared up for our trip to Disneyland next month, I am plotting and planning food to bring along that will keep our money in our wallets and cholesterol out of our blood. Traveling is tricky, especially the days in between driving to and from home, when eating out seems like the best plan at every meal! I found the recipe, Creamy Carrot Spread in The Toddler Bistro and I think it may come in handy.

Carrot spread can take the place of cream cheese on morning bagels, toast or even muffins. We can make quick sandwiches with what meat is on hand and keep the big, nasty jar of mayo at home. The spread can even be used as a veggie dip!

Carrot Dip



Road Trip Series: Carrot Spread
Recipe Type: Dips & Spreads
Author: Food It Forward – Via [url href=”” target=”_blank” title=”toddler bistro”]Toddler Bistro[/url]
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 6
  • Puree of 2 large carrots (or a jar of baby food!)
  • 4 oz. cream cheese
  • 1 T. orange juice
  • 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1 tsp. orange zest
  1. Blend and keep chilled. Dat is dat!


Wish me luck as my husband heads off to Vegas. I’ll take two out of the following four:

1. My kids are angels the whole time.

2. Jy comes home a thousandaire or more.

3. The scale totally cooperates when I finally get to weigh/measure myself again on Friday (it’s been 30 days).

4. I don’t have to deal with any poop or barfy issues alone. (This blog was started long after we needed to clean the ceilings in two rooms, the doors and change our heating vents due to a serious poop/underwear-flinging incident). You can begin to understand my fear now.

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