Shamrock (Protein) Smoothie

My fridge is full of green right now and it is totally accidental. I’m Costco-sized stocked up on avocado, green grapes, celery, honeydew, spinach and now kiwi! If only my wallet could be stocked as well. I’m more likely to find avocado than cash in my Target wallet. Oh well, at least I’ve got my good looks. (I’m being funny here, not a Narci Nancy).

This month, Family Fun magazine has a recipe for a thick, green smoothie. Ah, been there, done that, or so I thought. Rather than relying on bucketloads of green leafy vegetables, this smoothie uses green fruit too. Brilliant! Well, brilliant as in the British brilliant, or the equivalent of the American, “cool”. I’ve made a couple of swaps to this recipe, including using spinach instead of parsley and changing flavored yogurt to plain with the addition of protein powder. If you want this to be a dessert, give vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream a try and leave out the agave nectar and protein powder.

Shamrock Smoothie

Large banana, peeled, chopped up into slices and frozen

2 cups (or 1/2 large) honeydew

2 large kiwifruits, peeled and cut into chunks

1 cup plain yogurt (which has been frozen ahead of time)

1/2 cup lightly packed parsley leaves (I used spinach, but parsley would give a mild, bright flavor)

2 servings of vanilla protein powder

2 T. agave nectar (or to taste)

Happy Wednesday, we are so close to Friday my friends!

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