UmiZoomi Ice Cream Pizza

After a week of promising, I finally made my child the Team UmiZoomi ice cream pizza he had been begging for.

I hope my kid doesn’t wake up and find me on looking for UmiZoomi pictures. He already thinks I play “his” iPhone games without him. (I do.)

I made some sugar cookies using this recipe and came to a mini epiphany. Sometimes making cookies (or other baked goods for that matter) from scratch is actually easier and faster than getting two kids in their carseats and going to the grocery store to buy them! No such luck with the ice cream though, we had to run to Safeway to grab a small pint of chocolate.

This, by the way is what the pizza is supposed to look like according to Nick Jr. –


After building the little pizzas and making a melted mess on the counter, Dallas started begging for something else…to play outside. He eventually expressed his gratitude for the pizzas, but I learned a lesson today. My son needs to be begging for something at all times. Sometimes he needs to beg for dessert, sometimes to watch a cartoon, to play games on my phone, to help make dinner, to go swimming, to make a fort and so on and so on. I’m sure I NEVER did that, right mom?

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