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Food It Forward nearly ended in March 2015, I felt drawn to build and out of material. Then in December, something big happened. I bought a small, roller bottle of an oil called, OnGuard and inspiration sparked. Delving into the world of essential oils has opened my eyes even wider to the products we put in and on our body. 

Essential oils may bring to mind scented candles and spa massages. They may sound “new age” but in fact are ancient. They’ve been used for over 6,000 years in Egypt, Greece, China, India and the Roman Empire and are frequently mentioned in the Bible.

They may also sound lightweight as serious remedies, but their use is recommend by such prestigious institutes as the Mayo Clinic and the National Cancer Institute. (12)  The US National Library of Medicine, a database of scientific research, lists over 15,000 studies that have been done on essential oils. (3) –

I had always thought of oils in an aromatherapy sense and had no idea they could affect our bodies at the cellular level. None of the grocery store bottles of essential oils I owned had suggestions of taking internally and the more research I did, the more I learned just how much the quality of oils matter. 


So I don’t turn this page into an essential oils class, I will fast forward to Christmas of 2015, when it all came together. I realized that my passion for learning and sharing information can continue through both websites. I have also opted to share doTERRA and build a team of wellness minded people to come alongside.  I have no intentions of pushing anything on anyone. I’m convinced that anyone who wants to live a life filled with real food and real experiences will absolutely want to incorporate doTERRA as well. 

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I will be coaching bloggers and wellness advocates alike! There is no way of expressing how excited I am, now I am able to continue volunteering in my kids’ classrooms, at church, blogging and pursuing something that brings me true joy. 

Sidenote: If you are a reader from the original blog, you know that I was on a path to go back to teaching. Maybe someday, but not in this season of life!

Want to know more? Want to join my team? Have you heard the saying, “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear?” Join me. Live fully, live well. 

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