Kitchen Lab: Superfood Pudding

Helloooo. It’s me. I was wondering if after all these months you’d like to meet. th

To go over…everything. 

They say you can’t talk to dead people

But I disagree. 



Turns out, I do not actually have a future in song writing, who knew? I’ve missed you! You don’t have to say that you’ve missed me, I don’t want to make it awkward. 

Before we go on though, I have to cut straight to the chase. We are all going to die. I learned this today at the Chabot Science and Space Center in Oakland. So, get this…there’s this other galaxy that is scheduled to smack into us. 

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I know, right!? Oh, you don’t believe me? Here’s some solid proof:


When I go to church on Sunday, I have some serious questions. Who else knows about this? Is this what they talk about in The Andromeda Strain movie? 

Here’s a little more that I learned about space today: 

Space is scary. I don’t really remember all the reasons why, but it just seems awful. I’m glad it’s there and everything, but space just makes us seem so…little. Also, aliens would be horrible, so there’s that.

There are two jobs that I would rather die before having to carry out. First, Astronaut, which doesn’t have to be capitalized, but it seems rude not to. Second, person who works at one of the scary Halloween haunted campouts, like the one in L.A., with the slogan “Only the dawning will save you.” Google “Great Horror Campout” it’s almost as scary as floating alone through space. Total toss-up. 

Let’s talk about some fun stuff instead! Like Maca (rhymes with…um…,nevermind).


Have you tried it? Maca gives you energy without the shaky anxiety coffee can give. It’s great for mood balance and full of vitamins B,C and E. I’m just at the beginning phases of testing out this energy giving powder, but love it in smoothie bowls so far!


So, what do I do when I want to get to know a food? Google it, Pinterest it, ask friends about it? Yes, yes and yes. Doesn’t mean you have to! Hence, the new Food It Forward series, Kitchen Lab! I’ll be testing, trying, creating and giving you some ways of trying out new foods or maybe even traditional ingredients cooked in a new way. 

kitchen lab (2)

Up first, Maca!

This is a super easy way to give maca a try. While you may be tempted to judge Superfood Pudding by it’s chunky and clunky look, I dare you to look a little deeper. This recipe is a serious potassium and vitamin B bomb, while tasting as deeply satisfying as any dessert can taste. While it’s easy to eat alone, can I suggest you split this? I’m a little sorry I ate the whole thing. Yes, it’s all raw food and made of simple natural ingredients, it’s also packed with enough energy to stop sleep from happening. 

I’m starting Kitchen Lab off with some extra weird ingredients for most people. It’s doubtful that you’ll be able to pop into your neighbor’s house and ask for a couple teaspoons of hemp seeds or cocoa nibs. Once you have these ingredients in your fridge however, you might be surprised just how versatile and helpful they are!


[yumprint-recipe id=’13’]So, welcome back and thanks for joining me in the first Kitchen Lab post! Take a look around the blog, lots has changed. There’s a nice long rabbit trail you can follow to learn about my newest passion of wellness using doTERRA essential oils. Leave a comment below if you have any Kitchen Lab suggestions, or just want to say hi!

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2016! – Kim


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  1. Hey Kim! I love your blog…makes me laugh every time! In researching maca did you determine whether raw maca or gelatinized is more beneficial? I bought some raw maca powder a while ago but have been hesitant to use it because I read about some nasty side effects some people experienced.

  2. Man Daneal, now you tell me! Ha! No, I hadn’t heard, but now I’ve gotta look. I’ve never heard of gelatinized and have a bit of FOMO. I’ll get back to you!

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