Kitchen Lab: Burro Bananas

I better hurry up and write this, I have three hours left to buy my Powerball ticket. Right now, the jackpot is $900 million, which totally stresses me out. It’s the same feeling I get when I am one BINGO number away from winning, I want it but just can’t handle that much adrenaline. Which is why I am the BEST person to take on an adventurous weekend of zip-lining and parasailing (I’ll hold your stuff.)


The other pressure I’m facing is that my brother said he will buy us a new house if he wins the lottery. Sounds nice right, but there’s a catch. He said I have to give up my Hippie ways, which is so hard because I have NO hippy ways! I wear a bra, I’m not into drugs and I super, like SUPER hate tie-dye. My essential oil love is new enough to post date his hippie comments. So, what is it? I love organic, so that could be it. Anyway, pray for me, I have a tough road to a new home ahead. 


I am also really worried about becoming super oil annoying. This stuff is awesome and I can’t stop. Before I chose doTERRA, I read through different reviews and watched plenty of videos, trying to find the BEST oil. Then I just chose, not based on anything overwhelming, I just freaking chose. There is a bit by Aziz Ansari where he talks about extensive google research before buying a toothbrush. Why do we do this? By happy accident I found out I chose the better company (go here if you want to see why I believe this!) Aren’t you just kind of OVER all this decision fatigue? Back to Aziz…

Master of None is Aziz Ansari’s straight to Netflix series and it’s worth the watch. One of us (not me) lost our cable remote and rather than driving to the AT&T store, we’ve come up with ALLLL kinds of channel changing solutions. Mostly, we just hit the Netflix button on our other remote. 

My other Netlix love of 2015 was The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

If you’ve seen both and need more comedy, watch the newest John Mulaney special. 

If you are seriously behind in your comedy world and you truly love comedians who suffer from a case of trucker mouth, oh…are you in for a treat. This clip is not safe for kids, work, church or around your Mormon friends. Take off your mascara girl, you gonna cry. 

Where can I go from there? Burro bananas is the only true conclusion. 

kitchen lab (2)


DSCN0448Near the plantains, you’ll either find Burros or mini bananas. Burros are chubby, short little minions and they are great for frying. My kids were all over these! Honestly, I didn’t notice too much difference between Burros and plantains, so I’d grab whatever the grocery store has and it is usually one or the other. Just be sure to choose very dark, almost black plantains if that is the direction you choose. Burros can be a deep yellow, just avoid the green. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’16’]  If I DO end up winning the Powerball, I promise to continue blogging. All the food will be made by my home chef, so things might change up a bit. This is bringing back the idea of a sister wife, I almost forgot. I had things really worked out too. If I can recruit a couple of sister wives who are undercover lesbians and in the Witness Protection Program or something, so they need to hide out, things will go just perfect! I can keep Jy to myself and my sister wives will help with so many chores. Remind me about this later, ok? Good luck friends!

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  1. You are too funny! Your not so hippie brother wants me to make these for him- they look delish!

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