Stay in Vacation Mode After You’re Home

Vacation mode is slipping away and you want it back, like now.  It’s the Monday after you’ve returned home, you’re burned out and not sure how Friday got further away while you were gone. Know the feeling? Try these tips for keeping the Saturday morning vacay vibe alive and you’ll never dread a post-vacation weekday again. 

  1. Pick up a novel

Whether it comes from the stack of books on your nightstand or a lonely title sitting on your Amazon wish list, crack open a book you can’t stop hearing about. Don’t have a book at the ready? Check out Modern Mrs. Darcy which is my absolute favorite stop for book suggestions. Maybe join Goodreads and take a look at bookshelves of friends.  The only rule? You are not permitted to choose a book that feels like homework. Now isn’t the time to force a classic upon yourself, no Dickens allowed. Coming home from vacation means reentering reality and a quick detour into a delicious book is just the thing to soften the blow.  

  1. Exercise Outside

Ever notice how hotel gyms are totally empty? No one who knows how to truly vacation enters the sad mini-room tucked near the hotel pool. What you do see are tourists sporting Fitbits and the like, staying active outside. Why ruin the fun by coming home and zoning out on the treadmill while following along with CNN subtitles?  Get outdoors, even if it’s next to the community pool and do something good for your body. Yoga, lunges, meditation, a run, doesn’t matter. We aren’t trying to replace your routine hot you,  just giving you little post-vacation treat you won’t regret.

  1. Dig In…to a New Culture

Keep the wanderlust alive and get lost in someone else’s world for a few days. Set aside 10 minutes each day to learn what you can about the people living in the place you’ve always wanted to visit. Learn how to say something romantic in a different language, watch funny commercials from abroad, roam through country-sides with Google Earth.  The goal is to keep your horizons broad and open. We often come back from vacation with an appreciation for the size of our world but quickly close ourselves back into our comfortable walls. Grab a bottle of Italian wine, pick up some French cheese and spend your first free evening back home watching a top rated travel documentary. Netflix has your back.

  1. Make a Restaurant Worthy Meal this Weekend

To truly keep yourself in vacation mode, you’ll need to stay excited about food! While we can’t continue indulging in Hawaiian Hula Pie or Texas-sized nachos, we can keep our taste buds on their toes! Early in the week, search for a recipe with amazing reviews. You’ll want to take your time with the whole process to keep it from feeling like another chore you’ve fallen behind on. Plan to shop for your ingredients by Thursday night and carve out a couple of hours (if needed) to really dive into the whole cooking process on the weekend. No shortcuts!  Keep a glass of wine and a great playlist in the kitchen and don’t forget to truly sit down and enjoy that meal with your family, no paper plates allowed.

Is cooking not your idea of a vacation? Try this tropical flavored Hawaiian Dip, light a coconut inspired candle and call it a day. No one said vacation mode needed to be a lot of work.

  1. Go to bed early on Sunday night

The laundry pile is high, the number of clean dishes is low, there’s a lot to do after being away. Do your preparations for the following week anytime before noon on Sunday. Get those weekend chores done mid-week. Take advantage of Amazon Fresh or Instacart for your grocery shopping, switch to a dry cleaner with free pickup and delivery, in short…delegate. When was the last Sunday you spent truly enjoying the day and playing with those you love? No meal prep, no shopping, no laundry. Plan your evening backward, starting with the time you want to be in bed with lights off. Backtrack and plug in things that help you relax, be it wine, a bath, a hike or maybe that travel documentary you’ve got in the queue. Come Monday morning, you’ll feel like you can conquer your week, refreshed and rejuvenated. Isn’t that the whole point of vacation after all?


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