Chocolate Protein Bagels

I’m writing to you from my vacation home and it is so relaxing here! There is a private pool, hot tub, two massive televisions and one really comfortable bed. We love coming here and using the high pressure shower, baking in one of the double ovens and enjoying the luxuries of space.

Where is my vacation home you ask? (Or, you didn’t ask.) Well, it’s only ten minutes from my regular home and we didn’t pay a thing for it. Ready for the ultimate high school answer? We have my parent’s house to ourselves. One of my husband’s young employees once referred to this as, “having house”.

We are taking care of my parent’s house for them, even if they didn’t really ask us to. Maybe they just knew they could count on us to do so? They did ask us to do a few things, including picking up mail. We are just the type of loving family that goes the extra mile.

Anyhow, lots to report to you all! Let’s start with some muffins.

These healthy, gluten free muffins you see are family friendly, which is almost never the case. They are not super sweet and will work with almost any berry.  I used the fatty blackberries and raspberries we found at the farmer’s market. The official name of these muffins is, “The Best Almond Flour Blueberry Muffins“.

You can find the recipe over in the world of DAMY Health. Remember when I wouldn’t stop chatting you up about the DAMY programs? It isn’t so coincidental that my pants fit much looser at the time of those postings. I’ve let some pounds creep back on and I blame it on my lack of DAMYing.

The biggest and best change that came about through my time doing the DAMY program is how I start my day. I always, always eat a protein pancake for breakfast and sip a glass of iced (black) coffee along side. What I really wish stuck with me is my old exercise routine. Dang! I’ve been back on the health wagon for about 8 hours now, so pray I keep this ball rolling. There’s no special recipe for the veggie soup you see above, but I wanted to let you know that grated cauliflower sauteed in a tablespoon of olive oil can change every meal. Swear.

Alas, there was no better time than earlier this morning to rekindle my DAMY romance. If anyone wants to join me, please do. The reason I fell in love with the program was because it is based on eating whole, real foods. You aren’t asked to buy supplements, other than protein powder (if you want), nor are you even required to belong to a gym. I do all my workouts at home or outside. The cost was a factor as well, as I had just given too much of my own husbands hard earned money away to Weight Watchers. I would lose weight after finding ways to use my points on 100 calorie packs of cookies, but never really felt healthy.

I am now proud to me known as a DAMY ambassador! That means I am going to be sharing my journey with you and will be delving deep into the world of DAMY. The programs are all about loving a healthy lifestyle and yourself. Join me anytime!

These protein muffins shaped into bagels
were inspired by a DAMY recipe. If you’d like to join me in my journey to health, you can do so with the link below. I choose to do the Method program, but there is a Bikini Body plan for those with some loftier goals than my own!

DAMY Method Program

Time to stop ignoring my family and get off the computer. Happy Sunday, friends!


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