Ah, Memories

It was just about five years ago, when I enjoyed a lunch at Buckhorn Grill with my husband and was eyeball assaulted by a young couple. They were not the first to give me the wide open eyed glare, but they sure were the most obvious. I can only hope I was serious birth control for them. I was about 36 weeks pregnant, measuring three weeks ahead. For the non-birthers out there, that means I looked like I had more than just a burrito for lunch. I was a walking candy apple.

I don’t have a photo that will do my belly justice. So, instead I’ll show you a photo of me in my room at 13.

Ah, memories. Of the worst lamp. Ever.

Anyhow, my “baby” is almost five years old and we are planning a trip to Disneyland to celebrate. Does anyone have any tips on places to eat outside of Disneyland? Preferably spots that include vegetables on their menu?

I was really excited to reserve a table at The Blue Bayou, the restaurant inside Pirates of the Caribbean. I just checked out the prices though. $35 for a friggin’ Monte Cristo? Really? Do I need to be an actual pirate to afford to eat there?

I want to show you what I made tonight. Salt & vinegar kale chips, doesn’t that sound cool? Well, they sucked. Let’s just call a spade a spade and a tangy, salty leaf…a tangy, salty leaf. If you see a recipe for these guys floating around Pinterest or other spots on the ‘net, just ignore.

You know what I’ve been doin’ lately? I’ve been tricking my kids. Ah, the joys of life. They are such liars when it comes to being hungry. They swear they want that banana. They NEED that banana. Guess what? They end up eating two bites of that banana. I can usually serve anything to Max and he’ll give it a try (except cottage cheese, he’s scared witless of it). Dallas on the other hand, if anyone besides him even gets eyeball prints on his food, he won’t touch it.

So now, I take their uneaten bites, chop them up, freeze them and throw them in other stuff later. Uneaten, but touched fruit? Goes in smoothies. A couple bites taken of your veggies? Goin’ in your pasta. Ha-ha! Suckas.

We celebrated my sweet and sassy niece’s 7th birthday this week too. Sassy Cassy! I love her, but I don’t think there is anyone who loves her more than Dallas does. He worships that girl!


Jy needs the computer for work now, so I’ll get back to packing. Email or facebook me if you have any Disney eating tips! Happy Monday (a-cuz it’s ovah.)




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