Back From Summer Vacay

What a summer it has been!
We have traveled the world, met celebrities, I wrote a novel and now to top it all off, I have been chosen as a contestant for this season’s Dancing With the Stars!

You think I’m kidding? That’s good, because if you even believed me a little bit, I’d feel sad for you. Here’s some photo proof of how we have spent our low-key pre-Kindergarten summer:

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Let me tell you about these photos and some of the summer events that took place.

1. I came to grips (after photographic evidence) that I am no longer in high school and wearing makeup is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

2. Maxwell had his first dentist visit and it was not pretty. Genes matter, people.

3. The tried and true best brownie ever still tastes fantastic. There is a photo showing Max smuggling a brownie while I’m trying to snap photos.

4. Dallas was totally moody during his preschool graduation. He apologized two months later.

5. Dallas and his cousin had a blast at summer camp.

6. Max eats like a monkey. When I asked him why he doesn’t use his fork, he told me, “I use my hands.”

7. I can’t eat gluten anymore. There’s no photo of that, but I needed to share.

8. Michelle Obama before the Olympics. Had to snap her. Love her.

I have more photos to share, but we can’t find our camera, which is most likely in our van. We just took a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I asked Dallas to take of photo of me and Jy and he dropped our camera. Oops! It’s almost Black Friday, right?


Hoping to eat some cold butternut squash soup, I sauteed and pureed squash before cooking it in a pot of buttery, sauteed onions, chunky applesauce, milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper. I ate the soup before it ever stood a chance at chilling. Either way, the realization that fall is on it’s way was enough to scare me into stocking up and freezing some summer fruits!

Here are my boys having lunch with their cousins Angelo and Gio. You’ll see plenty of boxes in these photos, as my Grandma just set her backyard up to be little kid heaven. My Grandma just celebrated her 79th birthday. How awesome is that to have a Grandma that pimps out her backyard for the two months of summer weather that are left, just to keep her great-grandkids happy?

In an effort to shade her cemented back patio area, my Grandma grabbed one of her two large camping style canopies. As she tried to pull the second from one of her storage sheds, she arranged Christmas decorations to be out of the way. As she moved some of her holiday boxes, I reached in and pulled out the bulk of the canopy. When I did, my Grandma told me, “Aye, yay-yay, Mejah, I was going to lift that for you. It’s so heavy.” Then she told me how strong I was. Um yeah Grandma, 35 year olds are supposed to be stronger than their Grandma who is nearing 80!




This is the other major story in our home.

That’s my husband’s hand, not mine.

Many of my Fantasy Football years have been guided by my naming guru, Travis. My first year of holing a girls Fantasy Football league, he came up with the name, Farve Dollar Footlong. Last year I didn’t use his help in choosing Housewife of Niner County and looking bad, I should have.  Another name of mine, Brady GaGa.

This year, I’m stumped. When mentioning to Travis that I thought of the name, So Right it’s Gronk, he topped it with asking, “How about Badonka-Gronk?” See why he’s my guru?

I’d love to incorporate Erhmagerd, but Ermagronk just doesn’t work. You know about Ermagherd, right?


Ermahgerd (also known as “Gersberms” and “Berks”), a lisped pronunciation of “oh my god,” is an image macro series featuring a photo of a young woman holding several books from the children’s horror fiction series Goosebumps. The phonetically written captions are meant to sound like a speech impediment caused by the use of an orthodontic retainer, often using the snowclone template “Ermahgerd X.”


On March 14th, 2012, a post titled “Just a book owners smile…” was submitted to the /r/funny[9] subreddit with a photo of a young girl posing with three Goosebumps books and her mouth agape in excitement. A comment posted by Redditor plantlife[10] linked to a Quickmeme submission of the photo with the caption “Gersberms / Mah fravrit berks.” The same day, the image macro was submitted in a post titled “BERKS!”[1] which reached the front page of Reddit accumulating over 17,000 up votes within two weeks.

– Know Your Meme


So, Ermah, open for suggestions?

It’s good to be back! Three weeks left until Kindergarten starts and I’m hoping to have a little more free-blogging time then. You’ll probably be noticing a bunch of glutenless stuff coming your way. I’m climbing my way out of gluten intolerance denial, it’s right there next to the real Nile, just closer to the olive trees than the wheat fields.

As they say, le sigh.

Well, at least as they said five or six years ago, when that was popular.



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