Back to Reality

It’s time to come back to reality!

I had a wonderfully relaxing day out with friends on Saturday and a great Mexican Easter dinner (as in Mexican food), not special Mexican activities. There will be a lot of sweating this week after too many “tiny bites” of sugary treats. My brother’s girlfriend also almost killed me with a butterscotch trifle, which sent me to heaven and then brought me back down to earth real quickly once I realized how many calories I had eaten.

Now that the Easter bunny has come and gone, it’s time for me to spend the next two weeks getting ready for our trip to Disneyland and Dallas’ 5th birthday. You can expect a bunch of posts in the road trip series to pop up as well as some post-Easter exercise posts.

Welcome back to reality friends. For the moms out there, welcome to your kids’ spring (break???). Mama mia, may the force be with you.


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