Black Bear Diner

Have you been to a Black Bear Diner? I had read a facebook post from SueAnn, a mom I really admire, she raved about the restaurant. SueAnn suggested Black Bear Diner was California’s answer to Cracker Barrell. Cracker Barrell? Isn’t that a kind of cheese that comes packaged in the salami baskets that are sold around Christmas time? Either way, Black Bear Diner had left a good impression in my mind.

Remember our impromptu vacation I posted about? It was only a bit more than two hours drive to Angels Camp from my hometown. We tried our best to leave at the right time on Sunday morning and failed oh so miserably. The boys cried and screamed for a good twenty minutes straight. Dallas was crying/yelling “Old McDonald had a farm” along with the book my husband was reading to Max. Max was just plain freakin’ out. I was driving like a mad-woman trying to get us a little past our halfway point, to the Black Bear Diner I had spotted on the way up.

We had found our family oasis!

DISCLAIMER – An oasis for a family with very young kids who are on a road trip is different than an oasis for anyone else.


Short wait, nice staff, cute merchandise, massive display of bear claws (the pastry kind, not a hunter’s kind) and shelves of pies. Not too bad. One of the best things about this place was the noise level. Woowee, was it loud. For those who take kids out to eat, you know this is helpful. If no one can hear your kid scream, you are in the right place.

The menus are newspaper prints with a seriously long list of highly caloric, sodium laden meals. Perfect road trip food for those who spent the night before sleeping in the same bed as their kids. You know who are and you know what I mean. The tired parent who has to keep rallying the troops just a little longer.

Let me stop here. If you are a parent who has ever taken your child out to eat, click the photo below and visit one of the best blogs ever. SO funny!

Click on the photo, you owe it to yourself.Hilarious, right?Ok, so back to Black Bear. It’s loud, fun, yummy food and has a very friendly service staff. At least the one in Tracy, California does. It gets even better though! The kids meal comes with an ice cream sundae and check out how it is served!The server brings a sundae tray!

Dallas got to build his sundae any way he wanted it. How cool is that?

One of my brothers just bought a house near this diner. I was so excited to find out that we’d have a reason to come back. About an hour later I learned that we have one of these diners about 20 minutes from where we live now. There is one in the same city my husband works in. It’s kind of like thinking you found a really special hole in the wall burrito shop called, Chipotle.


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