Bowl O’ Vitality

We have a few wonderful eateries in my hood. Two of my favorite have two of the worst names ever given to restaurants. The dessert bowl I made yesterday was inspired by Vitality Bowl, a healthy, yet caloric cafe, which offers a menu full of freshly created antioxidant bites for more than I want to pay.

The other restaurant I’m talking about is Fresh Millions.

Fresh Millions offers a complete selection of lunch or dinner entrees including specialty and made-to-order gourmet salads with a variety of healthy mix-ins, savory made-to-order hot bowls, hearty soups, and grilled paninis.

While there won’t be any awards handed out for best named restaurant, I do have to give some props to these places for offering simple, real food, quickly made. Why can’t I do that at home? Oh yeah, I can!


This bowl is full of healthy ingredients, sure. I wouldn’t be adding it to your Weight Watcher’s meal plan anytime soon, though. ┬áThere are no real specifics, just tips and tricks to make an ice cream like consistency out of frozen fruit. I originally figured Vitality Bowls just offered smoothies and toppings for $11 a pop. To their credit, there is much more involved.

To make a creamy base:

Blend frozen fruit – Frozen bananas make the best base for a creamy bowl. Fill the blender with a variety but keep berries with berries and tropical or citrus together. ┬áVitality Bowl uses a lot of frozen acai berries, but any type of fruit really works fine.

Add your liquids: You’ll want two types of liquids to create your base and coconut milk works best for one. The other can be a juice, chocolate almond milk or anything your giant heart desires.

Healthy stuff: They sky is the limit, er, your taste buds are the limit when adding good stuff like chia or flax seed, bee pollen or vitamin boosts.


Toppings are a matter of what you have at home. The more, the merrier. I used the Costco energy nut mix in the bowl above.


  • Dark chocolate chips
  • banana slices
  • strawberries
  • shredded coconut
  • peanut or other nut butters
  • honey
  • granola
  • dried fruit or veggies

Again, not super science here. Is there such a thing as super science? I think I would have enjoyed that more than regular science. I’m excited to have some rain falling outside today. I can experiment with my giant jar of virgin coconut oil sent to my by Tropical Traditions. I will give you all the run down once these kids stop pestering me and let me write. So, shall we say, in 20 years?

Quick laugh before my baking begins…




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