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  • Drinks Movie Fuel Oscars

    Oscars 2013: Amour

    Have you seen Amour? Most of us haven’t, right? It looks like a beautiful, sad, sad, movie. I just read the plot, complete with spoilers (I won’t add any here)…

  • Movie Fuel Oscars

    Oscars 2013: Lincoln

    I have yet to make it out to see this movie, but I am super excited to see Daniel Day Lewis. Just look how MUCH he looks like Abraham Lincoln…

  • Dessert Movie Fuel Oscars

    Django Cake

    The next Oscar nominated movie of the series is Django Unchained, a Southern style Spaghetti Western from Quentin Tarantino. And it’s a tasty one! I am seriously hurting for ideas…

  • Movie Fuel Oscars

    Oscars 2013: Life of Pi

    Next movie up, Life of Pi!  After dropping $15 for a matinee in 3DXD, I was a little worried that I had fallen prey to a cinema gimmick. Half way through…