Dinner Battles

I went all Rumpelstiltskin on my kid tonight. I didn’t threaten to steal his baby, I just struck him a deal. I told him he would owe me three chores before earning back a playdate, which he lost after screaming like at dinner like he was Axyl Rose. He was fine with the agreement we had struck and I plan to hold out of the chores until I find something I really don’t want to do myself.

This is the Rumpel of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, not of German tale.


If you don’t watch the deal making Rumpelstiltskin on Once, you should! I can’t believe what amazing storytellers the writers of this show are!

Dinner was all over the place. It was easy to make and filling, but the kids nearly scratched their own eyes out when they were forced to try at least a bite. Luckily, ketchup and a time out helped cool things down.

This dish looks more fattening than it really is. Read through with me…

I’ve made cheesy cauliflower eggs in the past and revisited that dish for tonight’s dinner. Where did I get my cooking inspiration from? Well, a bit came out of the lack of meat in the fridge and the rest came from my desire to NOT go into a grocery store for the fourth or fifth day in a row.

While Max napped, I added four thick pats of butter to a 10×15 Pyrex and let it melt in a 350 degree oven before adding 1/2 head of shredded up, raw cauliflower.

Then came the drizzle of olive oil, a cut up green onion, one zuchinni, salt, pepper, garlic powder and thyme.

I let the veggies and butter cook in the oven a bit while I whisked together a cup of egg whites and 8 whole eggs. After pouring the eggs over the veggie mix, I added roughly a cup of shredded cheese. I wish I could say I timed this, but I just kept checking back until the eggs looked solid in the  pan. My best guess would be around 40 minutes. I topped one side with tomatoes and salt, then popped it all back in the oven for another 5 minutes.

A good dinner for the lazy nights when there ain’t much left in the fridge!

For those of you who I am not connected with personally on Facebook, I would like to ask you to join me in helping homebound elders.

Many of these people have no family or resources. To choose between paying bills, buying groceries or medication is a choice that these folks shouldn’t be forced to make. You can find your local MOW online, but here is the link for local friends.


Do something good today!

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