Doin’ the Two Step

We are keeping things easy today. Lucky for us, Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry won ton wrappers, we were almost going to make some homemade soup.   Not sure who I am fooling with the “we” business. I guess I am referring to my right and left hands rather than Jy and myself as a dinner makin’ team.

My sweet friend, Jody hooked me up with s’mores ingredients for my birthday last week. The broiler served as our campfire and the four of us ate a pre-dinner treat. Sugar does a number on my kids and I’d rather the big crash come during or before dinner, than right before bedtime.

I can not wait to go camping this summer! What this really means is, I can not wait for the twenty minutes of a camping weekend where I think, “This is so nice. We should do this again.” It’s the other 35 and a half hours that I’m not looking forward to. A friend made a great point in her noting that camping involves doing all the same chores she does at home, but with a lot more dirt. But the s’mores, the clean air, the quiet morning, the relaxed weekend, it still beckons.

While broiled s’mores aren’t exactly gourmet, they are easy. Dinner followed suit. Once the kabash was put down on won ton soup, I found a great TJ staple, Island Soyaki. Have you tried it? After marinating a couple of pounds of chicken thighs in almost half a bottle of Island Soyaki, we spent $2.99 on an instant rental of Charlie Brown summer themed cartoons. A half an hour later, the thighs were baked at 375 degrees for 30 minutes and our family had juicy, island inspired chicken on top of our stir-fry veggies.

The veggies, totally not a hit. What is the secret to stir fry? Someone please tell me. We always end up with slightly crunchy and oily mixed vegetables that end up in the next morning’s omelet.

Nothing like an easy dinner, right? Two steps, marinate and bake. Now, I know I am not telling anyone anything new here, but I wanted to remind you about Soyaki. We haven’t had it in years and it was a perfect fit for a night when two steps to a finished dinner were enough.

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