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My youngest brother recently explained how a dutch oven works to my mom. This post is about the other dutch oven. The master of deliciousness, dutch oven. The – I can cook cinnamon rolls, cobblers, stew, chili, bacon, casseroles and pork in one pot- dutch oven. With this said, I’ll tell you that I have never actually eaten anything that has come out of a dutch oven. But, boy am I fascinated with them!

Before you ask, I’ve done the googling for  you. Crock pots are different.

Well for starter, dutch ovens are a little more versatile. They can be used on the cooktop or in the oven, at high heat or low, to saute, brown or braise, and they can even be used as a regular pot – yep, you can boil pasta in there. A slow cooker only works in its own container, and although you can usually take the ceramic insert out and put it in the oven (say to melt some cheese or brown a little under the broiler at the end), they don’t play well on the cooktop and don’t brown or saute well. The reason is in the name – slow cooker. They are really designed to heat up slow, so they tend to stew meats rather than brown then. –Lazy Dog Gourmet

That’s funny, the sandwich didn’t taste out of focus.

There is a new joint called Slow G’s that just opened up in my town. I would add a link, but they don’t have a website. They opened six days ago and it’s pretty clear that they are in the very first stages of running their business. Slow G’s serves two things, sandwiches and quinoa salad. The sandwiches are all $6.99 a piece and consist of fresh artisan bread and meat that has been cooked in a dutch oven. Brilliant! I had a chicken salad sandwich that was mixed with slow cooked apples and cinnamon. So yummy, so, so yummy.  I wish them the best of luck. Most new restaurants won’t make it. This one needs some help. A better sign, a better logo, more practice. But boy, is their food GOOD!

Gettin’ back to dutchin’…

The perfect camp stove

Before I commit to making somethig in a dutch oven, I guess I better buy one first! Do you have a recipe that a first timer could do well at? Please, share! To Bed, Bath and Beyond I go!

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