Empanadas? We Like a Lottas.

Life is Peachy
We are lucky enough to be immersed in farmer’s markets where we live. In addition to the standard Saturday markets, San Ramon also has a Thursday artisan market. As if that weren’t enough, Walnut Creek (10 minutes from San Ramon) holds a fabulous Sunday market, too. I’ve been making a point of hitting at least one farmer’s market a week, lately it has been the Thursday artisan affair. The market caters to the local business lunchers and stay at home moms.
¬†One of our favorite finds have been strawberries from the guys with the giant yellow banner. What, you don’t know who I am talking about? We also stalk the Kettle Corn man, the guy who sells peaches and nectarines, Dairy Goddess cheese, Jamaica Iced Mocha, the Brentwood corn man and our newest found love, the EMPANADA man!
I normally prefer my pastries to contain anything sweet, but after trying a little meat pie from the El Porteno man, my eyes have widened! I wish I knew more about the man who sells the empanadas at our farmer’s market, but I can say he is not from California! Empanadas can be found all over South America (except for Bolivia, where they are called saltenas.) Anyway, he is just the person I want to buy empanadas from. An old, striped sweater and linen M.C. Hammer pants, curly hair, braces and an indistiguishable accent. The kids and I ate two chicken pies for lunch and brought three beef home for dinner. El Porteno has a San Francisco location in addition to their farmer’s market booths. Check it out!
Berries from the yellow banner guy, Dairy Goddess cheese on our sweet potato and a carne empanada from El Porteno.

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