Enough about you. Let’s talk about meme.

So, if you are a reader who frequents Food It Forward for the recipes, then I have to say you might be let down at the idea of more “talkie” posts that are coming your way. You are also probably sad about the fact that you eat the same food every day for two weeks, while waiting for a new post. How many pumpkin scones did you end up with on your hips?


I totally hope someone gets that joke. My meme-making skills are new, but I may have found my future career. Oh, that’s not a job? That’s cool, I still have my crossword puzzle skills to fall back on.

I have a lot to talk about. Always have. Which is why I got in trouble in class. Also because I was always tardy and hated dressing for P.E.

I love words. Crossword puzzle words (obviously), spoken words, written words, typing words. I prefer talk radio to music most of the time and have a costly obsession with podcasts. I’ve mentioned them before, but here are my favorite:


fbm  bpe jillscreen-shot-2014-01-12-at-8-30-31-am

All of these podcasts are absolutely worth your time, they are free and full of information that is inspirational and not what you’ll hear in the mainstream media.

Wait, what did I hear you say? You want another homemade meme? Here are two.

kenny parliament


Hope I don’t regret putting my most prized photo on the internet, which is why the text across my face.

Ok, I seriously don’t have too much to talk about tonight. I mean, of course I have a ton to talk about, but I’m editing myself. I already lectured my family when I found a can of Crisco in my parent’s pantry. I’ve shamed my husband for leaving a Hershey’s wrapper in my car. Seriously? Like right there by the gas pedal? I am putting my tsk-tsk finger down for the night. Which means I am absolutely not going to talk about how agriculture has been the downfall of all civilizations.  I’ve been transitioning to Paleo, minus the tortilla chips.

Dang it, Tina!

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Smooches booches. Bootches? Buchez’?


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