Family Physician Kit

I get it. OMG do I get it. 

I remember wanting to incorporate more natural and healthy remedies and wellness boosters, but not wanting to incorporate a credit card. Now that I am about to toss a dozen grocery store bought oils into the trash, I wish I busted out that card sooner. Is it worth it? 

The smallest enrollment kit to purchase at wholesale cost is the Family Physician Kit. I use it All. Day. Long. 


How we use the Family Physician Kit


Middle of the night: I’m’ diffusing in both my room and my kids’ room! Dallas and Max have been sleeping with the aroma of Peace  mixed with lavender. Peace does not come in the kit, but we have some anxiety issues at home, which this helps with. Lavender on it’s own is usually enough for most people with noses. Also, we sleep with our heater on and having an ongoing cool mist helps keep the room um, not dry. I’m trying not to use the word moist, I’ve read that people loathe that word. 

I’ve stunk up my room in a bit of a good way. We’ve been cranking out a cold-busting blend of OnGuard, Melecula (tea tree oil) and Oregano. My dad walked in and asked if we had been making Indian food. Oregano is serious business, but it works! My husband sleeps with (sorry Jy) a CPAP (breathing machine). He was waking up and taking it off to cough, multiple times a night. After the cold-busting concoction, the waking has stopped!

Morning: I’ve started a new habit of hot water, honey and a drop of lemon oil. My coffee comes next. Did you think that I was trying to give it up? HA! Did you think this was Last Comic Standing? Wait, is that still a show? 

*I have heard about drinking coffee with a drop of peppermint and chocolate stevia. That’s my next experiment. Chocolate stevia drops are like $12 though! I told you I am…uh, frugal. Not cheap, frugal. 

School Drop Off: One drop of Melecula on the back of kids neck by their hairline, because mama ain’t about to mess with lice. 

OnGuard on the kids’ tops of hands if I forgot to rub some on to the bottom of their feet. I mostly care about preventing the flu, colds I can handle, barfing…no.

Blogging, Volunteering or Running Errands: Depends. One ahem, week out of the month or maybe a bit more, I have Clarycalm to chill me the eff out. This also doesn’t come in the Physician’s Kit, but my husband has ZERO complaints about this purchase. Otherwise, I have the rest of my Aromatherapy Kit I like to use. These are all mood boosting, bonus oils, but the older I get, the more I realize that mental health is JUST as important as physical!

Gym: I’ve been trying to focus on three workouts, Zumba (or another similar dance class), yoga and weights. Unless it’s Yin yoga (which stretches tissue, not muscles), I will use a little bit of Deep Blue mixed with fractionated coconut oil on anywhere that seems like it may be tight or end up sore. Also an extra touch of OnGuard in the gym shower on my feet, because ew.

After School: Peppermint is awesome to diffuse during homework time to encourage focus and help boost energy. 

Husband at Work: He has peppermint for headaches as well.

Dinner: We have digestion issues at home (will leave the TMI for another day) and DigestZen is awesome to either take a drop of internally, or rub on tummies! I can best describe it as feeling like a warm water bottle or heating pad for upset bellies. This may be my favorite oil.

Before bed: I’ve started using Frankincense on my face after washing. It’s too early to know if any major changes are happening, but I keep reading about the amazing benefits. I have to do a post on Frankincense, it’s like the mother ship to all oils. It came to Jesus as a birthday gift for a reason!

This is an everyday type of routine. I didn’t include using the kit for cleaning or healing boo-boos. That’s just bonus. So, is it worth it? Heck to the yes. I’m sorry that I actually didn’t buy the bigger bottles the first time around. Someday I will create an image with all the products that these oils replace. Email me if you are still doubtful, I’m happy to answer any questions! 

Stop. Show me the least expensive kit. (1)


Stop. Show me the least expensive kit. (2)