Flash DAMY Sale. Melt Off that Ice Cream!


I’m on vacation, but I needed to stop and send a message! DAMY programs are 20% off this weekend. If you missed the last flash sale, don’t miss another.

You have until July 9th at midnight to join DAMY and you’ll receive 20% off your program.

Use one of the links below and use code HOTJULY to get going on creating a healthier you!

Here’s how to choose your plan:

  • Past or current Member – Lifestyle Membership

The Bikini Body Program is for you if:

  • You are looking to take your fitness to the next level
  • You want to lean down to look great in your bikini or slim outfit
  • Your goal is to be tight and tiny
  • You are serious about your fitness goals
  • You are a no-excuse kind of woman
  • You are ready to jump in and commit
  • You can workout 5-6 times per week and give this program your all
  • You are ready to achieve a lean, sexy body
  • You understand that this program is a commitment and is intense
  • For more information about the Bikini Body Program click here.

The DAMY Method could be for you if:

  • You have 30lbs or more to lose
  • Are new to working out or just getting back into it
  • Are looking to start a healthy lifestyle
  • You want to workout 3-5 times per week
  • You want a variety of fitness levels to choose from
  • You are a nursing Mother
  • You want to lose weight but not be overly restricted or regimented
  • For more information about the DAMY Method Program click here.

Use coupon code: HOTJULY for your 20% off. You only have until July 9th!

Bikini Body Program

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