Food Is Messin’ Us Up, Man!

Do you ever wonder what happened in our world of food and that caused our digestive tracts to become so sensitive and off balance? We know that the ever growing popularity and convenience of processed foods has thrown us down an unhealthy rabbit hole, but is it really the main cause? Why are there so many allergies and intolerance to so many types of food? Has there always been a large population of gluten sensitive people, who just never had the right term to label their symptoms with? Doubtful, right?

I’m not going to be answering my questions above, sorry! It’s just what is on my mind. I really just wanted to get my thoughts on the topic out there tonight. No new recipes, just some food chat!

If you have a child with food allergies or know one, you’ll want to see what I found!

These are cute allergy bands from Lauren’s Hope. They are $10 (extra for the special allergy buttons), waterproof and comfortable for kids. has some pretty cute products as well.

If you have food allergies or are avoiding gluten, dairy or just want to learn more about food sensitivities, LivingWithout is  a must read!

Now…on to my mom.

Me and my mom at my wedding. You probably figured that out already.

My mom has, for at least a decade now, been very sensitive to gluten and spices. She’s stumbled on to something else now. Something I had yet to know about, histamine intolerance. I wanted to write about it, but it’s more involved than I realized and I’d just be copying and pasting from other sites. I know that anxiety, low blood pressure, hives and headaches are some major markers. If you live with those symptoms, I’d start hitting the Google-monster!

Mom, I found this tip, try it and let me know what you think…

Raw, organic apple cider vinegar. Taking a tablespoon of raw, organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) every morning — before going outside – works by blocking our body’s histamine reaction and it reduces inflammation. Mix 1 tablespoon of ACV with a cup of warm water and a spoonful of local, raw honey and you’re good to go! Note: If you are able, I strongly suggest making up a batch of thisMaster Tonic and taking your daily dose of ACV in this form. It’s an incredibly powerful boost for the immune system! ACV can be found in most grocery stores along with the other vinegars or in a health food store. – Frugally Sustainable

I have an unopened bottle of ACV in my fridge. I keep reading how it is supposed to help you feel energized and blah-bitty-blah-bitty (unofficial spelling). I just can’t do it though. I’ll let you know when I woman up.

I have gluten-free drink that I’d love to talk about. It is something I know plenty about, because I drink this stuff whenever I am looking for something naughty, but not too naughty.

 Bolthouse Farms makes this amazingly yummy and totally caffeinated protein drink. It’s a taste-tastic mix of coffee, cocoa and vanilla with milk and whey protein. No way! Whey. Oh, that was so dumb, I’m sorry.

  • Excellent source of 7 vitamins and minerals.
  • Good source of Potassium and Iron.
  • Provides 8g of Protein per 8oz serving.
  • Contains 18 Amino Acids.
  • Low Fat and All Natural.
  • Contains 60mg of caffeine per 8oz serving (One cup of brewed coffee contains 115mg).
  • No preservatives and nothing artificial.
  • Flash pasteurized and cold-filled to preserve taste and provide superior nutrition.
  • Gluten free.

I love and if you are looking for resources, head over to her links!

A little of this and a little of that tonight, huh? Thanks for checking in and I hope to be sharing something yummy tomorrow!

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