Free Bag? I’m In!

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know I am not afraid of trying new things. Unless those new things include heights, illegal drugs or swimming with finned creatures. Yeah, I’m afraid to swim with dolphins. Don’t judge.

Last year, my neighbor invited me to a card making class and I had a pretty good time. However, when I joined her for her next gathering, where we made Halloween banners, I was hooked on making stuff out of paper.

It was like the magic of learning to make cootie catchers all over again. Do you remember those? If not, you can go ahead and google them, it’s safe. Go figure, right? My five year old is pretty computer savvy. If he did a search on google images for the word, “mommy” he’d get more than he bargained for. Type in something like “cootie catcher” and it’s totally innocent.

I need to take a picture of my fun Halloween banner that says, “Spooky”. Here’s a bad photo of my Thanksgiving banner. I have no clue how to take a good photo of these things, they are just so much nicer in person.

I’ve created a handful of banners, a few cards and a couple of scrapbook layouts. I figured I’d need to keep paying my friend to join in on her banner workshops. Until that is, she told me about a bag.

With a free bag, I jumped on board and will now be holding my own paper crafting workshops for Close To My Heart. Fun, right? Here’s what some friends will get to come make for free next month.

What’s this all got to do with food you ask? Nothing, really. It’s just what has been on my heart and mind for the last 11 days since I’ve blogged. Food has been a bit of a sore spot lately, as my denial over the need to be gluten free is finally gone. I would have never known how bad gluten does in my body if I wouldn’t have taken the challenge to cut it out. No going back now. Last night’s post cake stomachache (wow, that’s a good band name) was the last official slap in the face.

So, as I continue to work through all the resources to get our family meals cooked without losing my sanity, I’ll post any gluten free recipes that don’t taste like bricks with butter. I also need to cut dairy from Dallas’ diet, which ain’t so pretty.

Still funny to me.

A friend had told me at the start of summer, how she wanted to change her family to all go gluten free. I was excited for her and shared what few resources I knew about. She let me know how she was sort of dreading the change, as she didn’t need another big project. I get it now. What a project it is!

So, that’s what is new, tennis shoe! I’m making some chili in the crock pot right now that I’m hoping will turn out blog-worthy! Jy would also like to get back to Movies & Munchies, where we do our monthly movie review. I’ll be posting my most pinned recipes and adding some new photos as soon as we can buy a new camera. If you know of anyone who works for a camera manufacturer, tell them I’m happy to trade one of their cameras for some tacos or oatmeal.

Oh, you’ll be seeing this new blog button on the side of the page from now on. Don’t worry, this will still be a food blog, I won’t be pushing you to scrapbook your great-grandma’s recipes into a beautiful card box. But, my gosh, isn’t that the best idea you’ve ever heard?

***P.P.S. (or is it P.S.S.?) Eight more days until Kindergarten starts and I regain a teensy bit of sanity. As my kids say, Oh-yeah, holla!

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