Fresh & Easy Holiday Dinner

Check out our Saturday night dinner! Those are totally husband sized portions you are looking at below, so don’t email Amy Layne (DAMY) and tell on me! I’ve been doing good!

Fresh & Easy brought Thanksgiving early this year! My husband helped put together our F&E Holiday Meal Box, he chose the rib roast over turkey or ham, we compromised on three different sides, picked up our box and had a full-blown holiday dinner in less than two hours, most of which was hands-off time.  Run-on sentence not included.

Rib Roast needed to cook for about an hour and fifteen, while our sweet potato mash and sausage cornbread stuffing only needed 25 minutes in the oven. At the tail end of those 25 minutes, I pan fried our Brussels with bacon, microwaved the gravy and made the kids set the table. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

If you take a look at the top center of the photo, you’ll see a blue dish of what looks like sliced pears or pickles. They are chayote squash! I just learned how to cut and roast the sweet little guys on Friday. I may have gone a little over board, as every meal now includes our left-over chayote.


So, I have had plenty-a boxed Thanksgiving dinners. My family has tried Safeway’s box, Whole Foods’ meal, and we aren’t too embarrassed to note we’ve picked up a dozen or two biscuits from KFC on turkey day.

This meal was totally different, it had, ok…brace yourself…flavor!!! Most heat and serve meals are seriously bland, but F&E did an awesome job with the layers of flavor in each dish.

Dallas liked the stuffing best, Max was all about the sweet potatoes, Jy loved the meat and gravy. Me? Pumpkin pie. Forgot to buy whipped cream though, dang Tina!

I want to mention that Fresh & Easy bought this meal for me, but I wouldn’t hesitate to give it a bad review if I wasn’t impressed. 

Ooh, I should also add that we chose the priciest dinner, which was still only about $65 and meant to serve 6-8. I would lean towards a plan of six hefty plates, unless you eat your holiday meals with supermodels, then the box would feed around 18.


You can expect to hear a bit more about Fresh & Easy soon, as I’ll be testing three of their wines this Thursday night! Woohoo!


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  1. Lauren and the Fresh & Easy team

    We are glad the box was quick, easy and flavorful! It definitely sounds like it was a hit with the whole family. And we have to agree, the pumpkin pie is definitely a favorite with our team!
    – Lauren and the Fresh & Easy team

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