Fruity Coconut Cream

Shaggy was on the Today Show’s fourth hour with Kathie Lee and Hoda this morning.

Not the “Zoinks!” Shaggy, the other one.
This one.

He was singing a song called, “Christmas in Jamaica,” which was about making out and listening to Reggae. It hasn’t exactly made the Christmas cd cut this year. I also think the song bothered Max, because while I was blending up today’s treat, he was blending up his numminoes.

Watch him cute his way out of it.


So, on to today’s treat! I have read that it only takes ten days of winter before most people start complaining about how much they hate the cold. I might be ahead of the game, as I am ready for spring and winter is still a couple of days away.

I decided to blend up a can of light coconut milk with frozen berries to find out if I would end up with something ice creamish. Sho’ nuff, I did! Costco has a great frozen blend of dark berries that includes strawberries, pomegranate arils, tart cherries, blueberries and raspberries. You will need frozen fruit for this to work, but it does not need to be of the berry variety. Frozen bananas and mango would be extra tropical tasting and if you plan to make this for company, you could melt together a sauce of dark rum, brown sugar and smashed banana. Unless of course your company does not drink, then that would be like pouring cow blood over a Tofurky. Have I mentioned I want to be a teacher? I should probably practice my similes and metaphors first. Am I right?

In case you can’t read the tone of my voice through your computer (if you can, call me, you are a genius), then I should mention that I am thinking of a particular SNL skit with the question, “Am I right?” There is a hilarious bit on the show, with different comics using their own catchphrase and mocking the crutch on which many comedians lean. “The Original Kings of Catchprase Comedy” cracks me up every time! *Click on the underlined title to watch a clip.*

I know, I know, I was telling you about a frozen treat. I just wanted to mention one other SNL crack up. Did you watch Saturday night’s episode? It was one of the best I have seen in a looong time. If you missed it, check out what I think was one of the best sketches of the night. I was crying by the end of the skit, please watch!

Saturday Night Live – Buble Duets – Video –

Well, I have already given you the recipe for this treat. One can of coconut milk, a bunch of frozen fruit. For those who are not sugar addicts (like moi) you will want to add sugar to taste. I can’t get back on the glucose roller coaster, I’ve just stepped off. So buyer beware, this is a tart ice cream. It is no more tart than the yogurts in all the trendy fro-yo shops, so I’m guessing you just might like this dessert the way it is. I’ve topped mine with some unsweetened coconut, but would suggest you trying pistachios on top. If only I had a pistachio tree.

Thanks for reading along with me today. Can you tell I am feeling a bit chatty? We have a fun week planned, including the Movie Fuel movie review (instead of summary) of a flick that is out in theaters! Join us Thursday for his review of Sherlock Holmes and my twist on Fish N’ Chips. Just like 80’s band, ‘Til Tuesday!

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