Happy Saturday Morning!

Happy Saturday, everyone! I tried and tried and tried to post yesterday, but things just wouldn’t work out. I am not going to complain either, it was for good cause. I spent three hours cleaning our place up, so the cleaners could come and do the actual cleaning. After a week of dealing with kids that have the stomach flu, Jy (I told you he was nice) agreed to let cleaners come and help me catch up on all the craziness, dust and now flu germs. It was absolutely amazing to come home to see (and smell) the sparkling clean home I wanted to be in.

I didn’t have enough time in the morning to make anything and there was no way in the world I would have cooked anything in my beautiful kitchen last night. Now, I am ready to break the stove back in (or maybe just my blender). Well, fairly soon anyway.

Jy had to spend half a morning back at work today, so I am hanging with the kids at my parent’s house. My fridge is so empty and I’ll have to do some shopping before I can make anything, though. I would take a photo of our fridge to show you, but the internet is forever and my fridge is too embarrassing. Plus, I don’t want anyone to know what kind of junk our family has resorted to during the flu week. I can’t take any kids to the store and have had to make quick dashes. Thursday night I was worried that I would be the next to fall ill, so I took a nap at dinnertime and woke up to a delivered pizza. The cleaners didn’t tackle the fridge either. I don’ t blame them, they don’t get paid enough for that kind of mess!

So, please come back later today to see what is cookin’! Happy Saturday friends!

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