Lemon Maple Cheesecake Squares (Healthy and Clean)

First off, Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband and best friend, Jy! I’m sure you have heard me say enough nice things about my husband, but he’s just really nice. He is a wonderful father and patient, caring and funny husband. Happy big 35, Jy!

Jy with his older brother, Donald, Max’s (middle) namesake.

To celebrate his big day, both of our boys got the stomach flu this week. Dallas is over it, but can’t shake the sick blues, so he hitched a ride to Grandpa’s house from preschool today. Max is also over the worst of it, so please pray for a peaceful evening for Jy!

Today, I tried making one of the many cheesecake squares featured on the site DamyHealth.com. This recipe can be changed in a number of way, all of which seem delicious. Chocolate, strawberry and pecan are a few of the cheesecake recipes you can find on the DAMY website. Warning: if you choose to visit DAMY, plan to feel fat. Her recipes are great, but just going to her site will encourage you to get off your booty and start moving. I think  that is a good thing.

I used the “Healthy Lemon Coconut Cheesecake” recipe with a few changes. While I didn’t have any greek yogurt on hand, I did have Brown Cow Creme Top Maple. While the full fat yogurt added calories, it also added flavor and I didn’t need to use any honey. My pantry was also a bit shy of cashews, so around a quarter cup of chopped pecans went in the crust, too.

I don’t know enough about Stevia to judge one way or another, but “apparently” the sweetener is natural and much better than Splenda. I’m sure I’ll find out that I’m wrong as soon as I post this.

If you are interested in learning about clean eating, check out Tiffany’s wonderful site!

Makes 12 squares

Go check out this recipe and all the other fun and tasty bites while you are at it! They can be found at damyhealth.com

While these squares don’t look like your typical cheesecake, I can promise you, the flavor is out of this world. I’ll have to try these again in the summer as a sweet, frozen treat. They take about ten minutes to whip together, too. Hope to see you tomorrow for another Oscar themed Movies & Munchies, Moneyball!

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