I Love Fridays! Let’s Eat a Cow.

When Maxwell saw the 4 corn cobs on the table, he screamed, “Popcorn!” We ate a summer inspired meal tonight, complete with heirloom tomatoes, which are totally not in season here. Luckily, Whole Foods isn’t afraid to sell food from Mexico. Local schmocal when a craving strikes. I’m not sure where Costco trucks the melon in from, but I am loving topping off my honeydew and watermelon with some big, fat grains of Celtic Sea Salt. I’ve never tried salting fruit until this year, when I heard it mentioned on Martha Stewart’s XM radio station.

Whole Foods was running their Friday special, per usual, and today happened to be $1 hamburger patties. I needed to check google to ask what the level 4 on the package meant. Pasture Centered? That could mean anything. Are the cows kept in the middle of the land? It means as much to me as seeing the label on chicken packages which reads, “all natural.” Well, um…yeah, what else would a chicken be. You mean, I am not buying robot chicken?

 You can read Whole Food’s rating system here. Apparently, 4 is good. However, 5 is best. Anything above 5 means the cow escaped and is somewhere out there, living off the grid.

Off the dinner subject, do you want to see what desperation looks like? Desperation looks a lot like a pantry raid (read: pantRy raid, not the other kind), searching for something healthy which also happens to resemble a dessert food. Desperation looks like baking a scoop of protein powder with beaten egg whites to come up with something that looks like a cupcake, tastes like a meringue and satisfies like a single Life Saver. (Meaning, not so much.) Desperation my friends, looks like this:

It’s prettier than you thought, right? Looks can be deceiving. And yep, those plates have scratches too. I kind of feel obligated to go out and get some attractive blogging dishes. Alas, I’d better just wash the ones I have first. I’m over and out for the night. I have just finished 72 hours of keeping keratin in my hair and I am ready to wash it right out. I’ve endured one child falling flat on his face and a follow up (get better) trip to Toys R Us, a cranky and late napper and now a Lego ridden home. This chick wants to go squeeze in a Friday evening walk.

Happy Friday folks, tomorrow is the best day of the week and my favorite morning to garage sale (yes, it’s a verb too)!

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