Iced coffee with mint

Iced Mint Coffee

Iced coffee with mint


This morning, one of my college roommates posted on Facebook and mentioned Philz Iced Mint Mojito. This was not been the first time she mentioned drinking this style of iced coffee, but it most certainly was the last I could stand reading about it. I wanted one!

Jy is off from work today and offered me time away from the kids, so I could be able to drive and pick up my own coffee at the nearest Philz…28 miles away. If it was a straight shot into Berkeley, I would have gone. Between limited parking, afternoon traffic and a bit of laziness, I opted out.

Doesn’t mean I couldn’t try making my own, right?



I added some sprigs of mint to my spice grinder and loaded my glasses up with mint bits. You can use a pestal, or if you are half Meh-hee-cano like me, a moljacete. However you choose to smash your mint is your own personal beezwax.

There are two ways I currently and yes, snobbishly prefer my coffee. Numero uno is Armenian/Turkish/Greek/Middle Eastern style. The second is through a French Press.

For this drink, a press works perfectly. In addition to filling the bottom of the jar with ground beans, I included a hefty spoonful of coconut sugar. White tastes better, but coconut is less processed. Whatchoo gonna do?

This will be an amazing summer drink, friends. It’s over 80 degrees here today and I’m pretending it is June. Summer. Ahh. Swimming, more grilling, flip-flops, late night walks, day trips, beaches, kids home all day with me.

WHOAH. Reel that back in, sista. Let’s enjoy April while we can. Summer camps are pricey and I don’t have a job.

Iced Mint Coffee
Recipe Type: Beverages
Author: Kim Nowlin
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • strongly brewed coffee
  • fresh mint
  • sugar to taste
  • cream to taste
  1. brew coffee extra strong – adding sugar to ground beans if desired
  2. crush mint leaves in glass
  3. fill glass with extra ice
  4. slowly pour coffee over mint/ice
  5. add sugar and cream as desired



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