In My Kitchen

Today is a day that ends in y, so that means I need to pick up some groceries. We are out of yogurt, fruit, vegetables and now meat. Why is it anytime I need to go to Costco, it is always raining? Total conspiracy between Al Roker and Costco, I know it.

I thought I’d show you what I do have in the kitchen and what I am especially loving right now. I’d also like to quietly slip in the fact that some of these foods have help me lose 9.7  pounds over the last month. Yeehaw!

From left to right:

1. Tortilla Land Whole Wheat raw tortillas. 60 seconds on a hot pan and you have a fresh tortilla. They don’t have the really long list of ingredients that shelf stable tortillas have. Try ‘em!

2. Carrot Puree. My stock of Costco carrots just wont seem to die! Having puree on hand has really been helpful in sneaking vitamin A into my kids’ foods.

3. Exhibit A: Carrot drenched french toast for the kids. They had no clue I smothered this bread in carrots along with the french toast mixture!

4. Dallas’ favorite cereal, Honey Wheat Puffs. These are from the Goodness Organic line for kids at Fresh & Easy. Super short ingredient list, and usually $2.50 a box. They are a healthified Honey Smacks.

5. Big, fat bag of roasted sweet potatoes. If you have any ideas what to do with all these potatoes that doesn’t involve marshmallows, let me know. I’m going a little crazy here.

6. Pure Protein powder. One of two protein powder options at Fresh & Easy. Probably not the best for me, it tastes way to good. But, it’s better than trying to eat chicken, eggs or yogurt at every meal! (I’ve been having 6 meals a day).

7. Steel Cut Oatmeal. I swear, this is the secret power breakfast of champions. 1/2 cup a day with lots of ground flax, fruit, cinnamon, a dash of agave nectar and a protein shake…I am never hungry after breakfast, which is new for me. Cereal, bagels and toast would always make me hungry for more!

8. Tempting Toddler Turkey Meatloaf. Out of the book mentioned in the last post, The Toddler Bistro. The kids loved it, I think it’s a little mushy from the bread crumbs, but you can see by the green, orange and white bits that I’m working those veggies back into the kid’s bellies!

9. Prunes. Strangely addicting, super sweet and has lots of added…benefits.

10. F&E Ice Cream. Right before Jy went to Vegas he asked me to bring home a tub of vanilla. This is the first time in, uh…ever, that I have not even been tempted to take a bite of the ice cream in my freezer. I think I’m off the shugahs! Maybe if it was a chocolate gelato or something, I’d be crying over it, but not today!

11. Costco Natural Peanut Butter. Tastes good, better ingredients than standard PB and a totally good Costco value. PB is expensive right now!

So, that’s what is in my kitchen right now. I’m not sure I have it in me to take Max to Costco today, but the lure of cheap Fage Greek yogurt just might be too much to keep me away! If the kids cooperate, I’ll be making some green food tomorrow. Get out your green sweaters and make yourself some organic, from-scratch Lucky Charms.(Kidding about the charms).

Happy Friday!

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