Italian Breakfast for Dinner

Also known as, Spaghetti Carbonara! Haven’t tried it? You should! It is one of the easiest and most filling meals one can make in under 30 minutes. In some cases, under 20. I blogged about Ruth Reichl’s┬árecipe a couple days back. I followed her basic recipe tonight, but forgot to add some garlic flavor. Darn!

This meal is so perfect for those nights when you have nothing planned to eat and 4 pm rolls around (tonight). We are trying to make a habit of cooking large amounts of eggs, rice and meat on Sunday, so we have plenty of go-to items for the week. This Sunday, I baked a whole package of bacon.

All I had to do tonight was boil some whole wheat pasta (you can use white if you prefer) and slice up some bell peppers. Peppers are not part of the recipe, but they add a nice cool, sweetness to balance out the dish. As soon as the pasta is done, drain it and throw it back into the same pot you boiled it in. Immediately crack one to two eggs and give it a stir. By the time you drop in the chopped up bacon, sprinkle the parmesan and grate some pepper, the egg will be cooked!

Try it, I promise it will be a new dinner favorite!

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