Let Me Tell You Again (Don’t Roll Your Eyes at Me!)


Dallas came shopping with me tonight for a speedy grocery pick up. When shopping alone, I tend to buy all healthy food that no one else seems to love. When Dallas goes shopping with me, Max and Jy end up happy too. Dallas has no problem urging me to buy plenty of snack food and more dairy products than we ever need. In addition to Dallas’ snacky suggestions, I had to pick up baked goods for a meeting tomorrow morning a ready to eat dinner for Dallas and myself, as well as a pre-made lunch for Jy tomorrow. Oh, and we are out of protein powder and Splenda (for Jy) at home. What am I getting at? I was so worried that my quick round up at Fresh & Easy was going to get me another $200 grocery bill.

Fresh & Easy specializes in, well…their own brand. It’s not the same as big box grocery store generic stuff. It’s usually higher quality than most name brand food and always has less ingredients. It’s rare to find any F&E food that contains crazy preservatives or chemicals either. The only time I have truly disliked a F&E food was with their take on Ritz crackers. Awful. They taste like paint thinner probably does.

The organic lines are always affordable, but my favorite line in Fresh & Easy is the wholesome goodness selection of foods. These usually mean kid friendly, organic and pretty darn close to clean eating.

Anyway, back to the point of my story. I am getting to be a pro shopper, which means I’ve spent too much time and money in various grocery stores. So, you can believe me when I tell you that my filled cart (these pictures don’t include everything) would EASILY have cost $200 at a large big box store. Maybe $175 at Target. Fresh & Easy? $135!!!

Fresh & Easy gives you gift cards. Every week.

Huh? Gift cards? Yes, right in your mailbox. In my town, they come on Tuesdays. This week there were two coupons in the mailer which equalled $13 off when you spend $80. However, I am signed up for the Friends card, which also sends me coupons and earns points which give me even more coupons. The F&E email sent to me this week (for having a Friends card) had a $16 coupon off of $80 too.

My cart totalled $164 and I was able to use the $13 coupons from the mail and the $16 coupon in my email, saving me $29. Yes, $29 by using 3 coupons. Ok wait…tell me again why you aren’t shopping at Fresh & Easy?


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