Life As a Paid Mother


Max showing off his craft skills.

Week one of teaching preschool is complete and week two begins in less than 12 hours. My education has prepared me to teach middle or high school students, so I’m a little out of my element and in need of extra caffeine!

Luckily I work at the same school as this woman I have known for a seriously long time. She’s old enough to be my mother. Which, uh…she is. She’s helping me cut shapes and animals like nobody’s business. Tonight I called her Edward Scissorhands. That chick is crafty.

I’ve been cooking, because my family is apparently still hungry. As soon as I can figure out how to get through the day with a second to spare, I’m going to get back to bloggin’ on the regular. Did I mention I get off work at 12:45?

No one told me that elementary school drop off and pick up can be these crazy 30-45 minute ordeals, even if the school is a two minute drive away. Now that I have to get food ready for breakfast and lunch for two, three or four of us each night, I have this crazy two hour routine before bed. It’s worth it though, we all have some good food to get us through the day and no one is eating McDonalds for breakfast anymore.

This has been the routine for the past two weeks…

The first week was classroom prep time and Dallas’ starting week of first grade.

  • Easy sandwich bread in the bread machine, once or twice a week. This stuff makes awesome French Toast by the way! Scroll down a couple posts for the recipe.


  • Thine eyes do not deceive! This is a Ronco, “Set it and forget it” Rotisserie! It was buried deep in my grandma’s garage and had never been used. Granny let me lug the big box home and we are in hog friggin’ heaven! So far we’ve had a chicken, a pork roast and some undercooked wings. Learning curve. 



A peek at the monster sized cooler I pack each night. Next to Max’s Star Wars lunch bag, which he is obsessed with. He opens it any time he can and tries to sneak out all the good food before lunch. Luckily Dallas’ is all about buying lunch right now and I’m alright with it. I think I’d end up spending more than $3.50 if I packed it myself and he is loving that big-boy feeling of choosing his own lunch. I’m loving that feeling of not packing another bag!


Every night, I put together by own breakfast of overnight oats. This particular photo happened when I could make OOIAJ. Which is a seriously annoying acronym for Overnight Oats in a Jar. Totally filling and super yummy. Worst part are the Chia seeds that forever get stuck in my teeth. Visit Kath Eat’s page on OO to learn more and get sure-fire recipes.


Here’s my really sad attempt at playdough in the bread machine. It works well and smells great, but 10 drops of food coloring does not a beauty make!


In attempts to make sure my kids will eat something  for breakfast, which often times they don’t, I’ve been pulling out the stops. I love the Immaculate Baking Company cinnamon rolls in a can, because they aren’t filled with the trans-fats and chemicals that Pillsbury cans are.



I’m sure as the days pass I’ll get in the swing of it all and my blogging will pick up again. For now, I wanted to keep you all posted on my life as a paid mom! Because I didn’t spend the past six and a half years not working, I just never got paid!

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