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Apple Cake

On a particularly rainy afternoon last year, my dear friend Lisa served a seriously delicious apple cake to our playgroup. I loved it and tried to create an equally yummy experience for my in-laws that weekend. I couldn’t remember the recipe Lisa had recited, so I figured Martha Stewart’s would taste the same. Martha ain’t got nuttin’ on Lisa’s apple cake. Old Matty’s cake is full of oil and tastes dense, as most fruit or veggie cakes do.

This morning, I dug through my old emails and found Lisa’s recipe! To be fair, it is her mother’s recipe. Lisa is Armenian and has a family full of Armenian women that cook. Not or type of cooking, the real kind. Family recipes stored in memory kind of cooking.

I did a couple things different with the recipe and it didn’t change it up too much. The cake calls for 1/4 cup of pineapple or orange juice, neither of which I had, so I swapped in some whole milk. I’m not sure if the citrus juice is meant for flavor or to help break down the apples. The next batch I make will use orange juice and I’ll let you know the difference on Facebook. What? You don’t follow FoFo on Facebook? Get thee self to the right side of this page and click the FB tab then, crazy daisy!

The second change I made was to the flour, half of the 1 1/2 cups called for, became wheat flour. It made the cake a touch heavier, but I think it still works. Do yourself a favor (my mom ALWAYS says that) and make this cake. It is so moist and light and apple-de-bapple-tastic. Speaking of crazy apple words, when I was seven years old, I was learning a dance in jazz class to Prince’s song, “I Would Die for You.” I didn’t know the song at the time and thought our routine was to some jam called, “Apple-Dee-Bapple, Boo, Hey!”


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