Makeover Monday

I finally have a haircut appointment! Thanks Stephanie (G.) for the referral, I have an appointment in less than two hours. The last real haircut I had been the day before Max’s first birthday party. He’s going to be two in June, so yes…it is time.

One of the hardest parts of the DAMY program I am on, is having to take weekly photos of yourself. It’s not fun to come face to face with real photos. I wear jeans and a tank top, not something I’d normally wear in a photo. If I was going to be in a photo with a tank and jeans, it would be a flowy tank top, not a cami looking one. On the upside, I can see the small changes happening. Actual shoulder muscle is under that arm fat? Who knew? Another semi-upside is seeing what my hair looks like outside of the bathroom mirror. It’s a new style called, not good.

Hopefully, I will love the cut enough to post a before and after photo!

The other makeover happening today is snack time. The kids can eat refined carbs like no other, and it is my job to change that. If I don’t offer them muffins and sandwiches all the time, they will have to eatsomething, right?They are, like most kids, hooked on string cheese. I had to police the cheese section of the wheel I put together.

I was checking out  a great “mom” website yesterday and came across their tip for having a snack tray available for kids. They suggested keeping the tray or basket and kid’s level, so they can “Know what they can help themselves to.” Guess what was in their basket? Chips, cookies, granola bars, Corn Nuts and Chex Mix. Really? Really? You want your kids to help themselves to any of that stuff, whenever they want? Not the best plan, in my opinion.

I feel guilty enough offering the dried snap peas. The ones in the center of the wheel in the photo. You know, the ones that we all consider “healthy-ish.” They are really just glorified potato chips, made with peas instead of potato. All the oil is still there and baked or not, they don’t offer much nutrition.  The kids didn’t hoard the peas, as I thought they would. They went bananas over the eggs and peaches and I believe at least one prune made it into each belly. So much better than my favorite go-to of pb&j!

I’d write more, but I can’t concentrate. I’m too excited for my haircut. Woohoo! Happy Monday!

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