Meat and Potaters

I still had slow cooked meat on the brain today. However, when I reached for the crockpot I found the cord melted into the ceramic part of the crock. Another thing to add to the Bed, Bath & Beyond list. Luckily, it was unseasonably cool today and I was able to put my oven to work!

Although I have been avoiding Safeway like aerobics, I chose to buy a big hunk of meat there today for two reasons. Number one, Safeway is close to home. Number two, our family friend Tamra works for Safeway and suggested we continue to support union workers. Good enough for me!

Roasted foods are some of the easiest to make. Dump a bunch of diced/chopped/whole veggies in a deep pan. Toss in meat and potatoes,  (if you are like me, first you will have to clean off the eyes.) Spices? Sure! Pepper, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, whatever you find in the drawer that doesn’t smell too different from the rest of your ingredients. Drizzle with some EVOO.

Rachael Ray will always be with you. Always.

You have three choices in roasting. The first is Thanksgiving style, high heat for the first twenty minutes and low heat for the rest. This method makes a nice crispy skin and a tender center. You’ll just need to remember to cover your meat with aluminum foil at some point in the cooking process.

Second, you can sear the meat in a large pan first. Heat the pan with olive oil and/or butter and brown all sides of the meat on medium-high heat. Yummy and beautiful results, but to me, this method just means another pan to wash.

Third, low and slow baby. Slow cooking, crockin’, dutch oven style. Turn the oven to 325 and cook for a couple hours, depending on the thickness of your meat. This is what I tried today. Our pot roast turned out, absolutely amazing. The best ever. I’m lying. It was good, pretty juicy, but also pretty ordinary. What I really wanted to do was cover the meat in soda. We don’t have regular soda lying around, but we were supposed to have some of that expensive root beer that is supposed to taste so much better, but really just costs more, in the fridge. Someone else got to it first.

What do you put on your roast to infuse flavor? We could have stood for more juice and I’m not sure I know a way around using a can of Pepsi. Thought I’d use the C word? No way.  Quick, exciting story. This is one of my brothers:

This brother hates my cooking.

Ron works for Pepsi and is constantly winning things, cool things, like money. His latest winning is a trip to New York! He has the chance to win even more money if he can strike someone out in a contest at Yankee Stadium. We aren’t allowed to drink C anymore! In case you are wondering, this is the super baker I mentioned before, Arriana. Isn’t she pretty?

While I am at it, let me show you a photo of my other brother, Matthew and his wonderful fiance’, Ashley:


And just for fun, an awesome photo of me and my brother, circa 1990. Oh, and this brother will eat almost anything, so he likes my cooking just fine.

Rockin’ the ‘fro with the bro.

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