My Mini Manifesto

We all have those life changing transitions and moments from our past. For some people, it was Nirvana, others Harry Potter. There are also those who had their lives forever changed by PeeWee’s Playhouse. There’s something for everyone. 

What changed my life? What set forward my truths? 

Hell if I know. Lots of things! That’s probably the truth for most of us, isn’t it? The more we live, the more we are defined by our experiences and reactions to them. You aren’t here to learn about me though. If you are interested in what I love, what I’ve seen, what I read, what I listen to and who I am, you can find a quick overview on the about Mrs. Nowlin page. Want more? Join me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or in real life. Just kidding, don’t stalk me in real life, I come from a family of cops. 

After 38 years of living, I am down to a life goal that fits in one sentence.

 Love well, live well and leave fear behind. So that’s where I am! I’ve even made you a Pinterest friendly version of that statement.

Love well, live well