My Trip to Philz Coffee

I’m not young anymore. Here’s how I know, I didn’t think driving around Berkeley was a fun, adventure-filled morning of getting out of town. I wanted to get where I was going, wanted to stop smelling all things old and pee’d on and couldn’t have cared less about the cool, artsy vibe of the place.

Was I glad we drove for 45 minutes to get a cup of coffee though? You bet I was.

Still, I’m old. I’ve become a creature of comfort and am pretty ok with that.

So, Philz. It’s the place that inspired my mint coffee post. We made it, we parked and I practically skipped to the shop. And you know a line out and around the door is always a good sign!



The drink board is full of temptation, I could have studied it for an hour, but the Berkeley crowd didn’t seem to excited to wait behind someone who wanted to slowly explore.


IMG_2929 IMG_2928


I had planned on a Mint Mojito Iced Coffee for a couple of weeks. But, that’s because it was all I knew! How was I to know they had drinks like a Gingersnap Iced Coffee? My Barista, Amber, suggested I stick with the Mojito. Ok friends, check out Amber.


She was the sweetest thing. Like, ever. See that extra coffee? She made it for me, knowing it was my birthday. She totally put up with my newbie enthusiasm and questions. Amber needs a raise, Philz. She was awesome  and did a great job of hiding her pity for me when I told her that “THIS” is what I was doing for my birthday.

Jy ordered a Tesaro Mocha, which is a mocha using Philz signature Tesaro coffee and it was sooo good. My mojito coffee was wonderful as well, but a bit ruined by a 525 calorie log of spice. I can only explain its spice by giving you a photo of massive stature.



By the way, it’s totally ok to eat something with more than five ingredients on your birthday. (Or when you really, really want it and no one is looking).

The mojito coffee served a purpose of cooling down my dragon mouth. Later in the day, I was able to enjoy the true flavor of the drink, while we shopped back in our hometown area.

I was a little off in my drink replication. Philz fills (no pun intended) their coffee cup about 1/4 of the way with full sized mint leaves before creating an iced coffee on top. How awesome does a minty, iced coffee sound as a summer drink?

Back in suburban shopping-land, Jy and I worked our way through the Giant’s Dugout store, Lululemon, some other sport-wear store and the Vitamin Shoppe. When an American store spells their brand a la Harry Potter style, you can bet it’s gonna be fancy. It’s like the theatre or Ye Ole’ Books.

Lululemon was a bit of a bust. Mostly because of my bust, and partially because I don’t have job. Luckily, I found a cute yoga outfit around the corner.

My sports wardrobe has grown from non-existent to intense since getting married, by the way.



If anyone has a recipe for Gingersnap Iced Coffee or similar, please share!

Gotta go work out. I’m 74 calories in the red today and not feeling it. Send me some sweaty vibes.



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