Pre-Hanukkah Numminoes

Max refers lovingly to his food as “numminoes” and to water as “bla-la-lala-la.” Much of the family (on my dad’s side) was able to get together last night and celebrate Hanukkah (yes, a very early Hannukah) with some serious numminoes. It was more of a Hanukkah dinner as we didn’t light the menorah or exchange gifts. None the less, it was fun to get together with family and even more fun to eat so many carbs!

My aunt fried up some latkes. I friggin’ love latkes! They are like hash browns, but have matzoh meal, garlic, onions and probably some other stuff mixed in, I wish I knew. I have never tried to make them, I excel more at eating them! My friend from my college days would always sing, “I love latkes. I love latkes. Not a little…but a lot-ka!”

I was in charge of bringing salad and wasn’t able to buy lettuce until the last minute. The best way I could prep ahead of time was to lay out all the salad ingredients (minus the leaves) and bottle up some dressing to go. Pretty to look at, hard to transport!

Next on the caloric list, one of my favorite desserts has always been my Nana’s (as in bananas) orange jell-o mold. I think the recipe is a moderately kept secret, I’ll have to ask my aunts. If not, I’d love to share it with you. My dad couldn’t wait for the mold to be flipped before cutting. Can’t blame him!

And Hanukkah would not be Hanukkah without blintzes. I don’t know what is inside of a blintz either. But, I know it tastes good with sour cream or apple sauce. Oh, I forgot to mention the homemade apple sauce on the latkes. Mama mia! I don’t really question Hannukah food, I just eat it!

So, I guess I am not really forwarding any important food information today. I am really just showing you the reason I did not step on the scale this morning!

On the other religious spectrum, I indulged again  this morning on a giant cinnamon roll at church. Every Wednesday since September of 2007, I have been lucky enough to be a part of a fantastic group called Mothers Together. It’s an outreach program at church (meaning it is meant for anyone to come join, not just church members) and it is a wonderful place for new moms especially.

At Mothers Together there is free childcare that is top quality. My boys have always had loving, caring teachers there and learn something from the bible each week. There is free coffee, which I don’t need to discuss further. You know how I feel about coffee. There is always an abundance of homemade baked goods. There are fabulous speakers and teachers and best of all, amazing women you really want to befriend. We had our last meeting of the year this morning and I can rarely (if EVER) say no to a cinnamon roll!

Want to see our crazy attempts at a family photo? Some are missing, lots are blurry,  but we tried!


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