Put WHAT In My Oatmeal?

On its own, oatmeal is great. Powered up with some protein and fiber superstars, oatmeal is amazing. My first oatmeal tip is to stop buying the one-minute variety. If you can spare an extra two or even four minutes, you’ll come away with a heartier, less processed breakfast. The other tip is to always (if possible) cook your oatmeal on the stove. I know this all sounds like I’m making life harder for you, but I promise that stove-top oats are just as easy (I think easier) than nuked and the texture of your breakfast will speak to you for itself! I used the one-minute oats to make granola at my parent’s house and the oats really brought the granola down a couple notches. For more oatmeal tips, including types of oats and a good joke, read Former Fat Guy’s article.

I’m currently loving Trader Joe’s Steel Cut Oats, which can be cooked for 5 minutes on the stove. Jy prefers standard rolled oats, which take about 3 minutes stove-top and one minute to cool.

Getting to my point, I want to talk about foods to add to oatmeal. This morning I tried something I have been meaning to for a long time; I added cottage cheese to my oatmeal. I went a little overboard and also added some honey & strawberry flavored Greek yogurt. I’ve been so curious about cottage cheese and its effect on oats. Lots of food bloggers love fluffy texture cottage cheese adds and I can now join them in agreeance.

***Another grammarophile note: agreeance is a real word, rarely used and unrecognized by spell check, but it’s real. The word grammarophile? Not real.

Adding cottage cheese will not only add protein, it will plump your oatmeal serving size up to a big, fat bowlful. I’d have to suggest you skip using both cottage cheese AND Greek yogurt together, it is just too much. The other must for your oat bowl should be ground flaxseed or chia seeds, both are fantastic fiber sources. I could talk more about fiber here, but I am sure you know all about what fiber can do to…uh, I mean for you.

I didn’t do so today, but I normally love to sweeten my oatmeal with maple syrup rather than brown sugar. The syrup goes a longer way in sweetening and isn’t considered a processed food. I’m talking about real maple syrup, not Mrs. Butterworth. I’ve been getting my syrup through Subscribe & Save on Amazon. I’ve noticed Costco and Trader Joe’s have decent syrup prices, too.

I’m currently counting calories, otherwise you would probably see a totally different bowl full oatmeal additions. If you haven’t tried it, a little bit of peanut butter dolloped on top of your oats is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. We all know about adding fruits and nuts, but don’t forget about seeds or canned pumpkin.

More additions to consider:

  • granola (or a granola bar)
  • chocolate chips
  • a fried egg
  • coconut
  • dried fruit
  • avocado
  • muffin pieces
  • fruit spreads

For the ultimate oatmeal blog post, please read Kath’s Tribute to Oatmeal. Kath Eats Real Food is one of the best food blogs around, no question. Give it a glance!

This week has been a bit jumbled, so tomorrow will be this week’s Movies & Munchies post. Come back tomorrow to read our post about The Descendants!

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